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G.Skill demonstrates DDR3 2,300MHz RAM for Intel P67

by Navin Maini on 19 April 2011, 15:38

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G.Skill has unveiled its 8GB 2,300MHz DDR3 memory kit - apparently the world's fastest - and designed, for Intel's P67 platform.

Ushered in as an addition to the manufacturer's Ripjaws-X family, the new kit - made up of two 4GB modules - is said to deliver its headlining speeds with timings of 9-11-9-28-2N, and 1.65V of juice.

This fusion of extreme speed and capacity also delivers record breaking overclocking performance, as the company boasts, and is a result of its dedication to squeezing out the maximum potential of 4GB modules.

This latest offering is set to hit the marketplace soon.

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would it be possible to have article images expandable ? noticed a few articles recently coming with statistic screencaps but the details are lost when scaled down
This^, assuming you had better source images to begin with.
This^, assuming you had better source images to begin with.

Completely agree with the guys… First thing that I did on reading the article is to click on the image in the bottom right to see what it was showing, only to find it's a static picture.
Funny how the ram is 1.65v even though intel states only 1.5v for ram, yes I do know 1.65v ram works.
Apologies for that. I have now made the pictures click-through to a larger, more-detailed set. :)