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Corsair rolls out high-performance HXi Series PSUs

by Parm Mann on 14 August 2014, 14:00

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Following an initial unveiling at Computex 2014, Corsair is today making available its range of high-performance HXi Series power supplies.

The new units, available in 750W, 850W and 1,000W capacities, attract price tags of £120, £135 and £160, respectively, and are aimed squarely at the high-end market.

Boasting an 80 Plus Platinum rating, all three supplies are built using high-quality components such as Japanese electrolytic capacitors and promise an efficiency level of at least 92 per cent at 50 per cent load. As expected at this price point, each HXi Series unit is fully modular to help enthusiasts create neater builds, and Corsair will be bundling an array of flat cabling to further minimise clutter.

Designed to suit high-end gaming PCs with powerful GPUs, the HXi Series can deliver all of its available power via the +12V rail and the modular cable connectors are in plentiful supply. Each unit provisions for six eight-pin connectors for CPU power or PCIe, as well as half-a-dozen six-pin SATA connectors and the customary 24-pin ATX.

Following in the footsteps of the older AXi, the new range retains support for Corsair Link, allowing users to monitor fan speed, current, voltage and other vital statistics via the accompanying software suite.

There's also a small 'Fan Test' button that can be used to check that the fan is indeed working. The reason for this is that the included 'Zero RPM' mode ensures that the fan doesn't spin at all at low loads. When it does, Corsair has selected an NR135P intake touting a fluid dynamic bearing and "less noise than conventional fans." Continuing the theme, we're told that every component has been "carefully selected" to help eliminate vibration or coil whine.

Last but not least, the trio come backed with a seven-year warranty as standard. We'll be bringing you a full review in the near future, but if you're already sold, the 750W, 850W and 1,000W units are now available to purchase from Scan Computers and other specialist etailers.

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Similar pricing and specs to the AXi series - whats the difference?
I've just checked and I can confirm there are now in excess of 75,000 Corsair PSU models.
As far as I can tell the AXi series it the top of the line for ‘performance’, presumably giving more stable output and better control and monitoring.

The HXi series seems to be a touch more efficient and potentially a lot more quiet.
Evidence for this is the 140mm fluid bearing fan vs 120mm double ball bearing fan, some dodgy marketing graphs and a statement about reducing electrical noise (e.g. coil whine).

The Corsair website is terrible in almost every way.
That 7 year warranty though.
That 7 year warranty though.

7 year warranty is ok, but the cost of sending a PSU to Corsair is eye watering from the UK