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Corsair recalls some HX1200 and HX1200i power supplies

by Mark Tyson on 1 February 2021, 11:11

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Corsair has issued a voluntary recall notice for some of its most powerful PSUs. The affected PSUs are the Corsair HX1200 and HX1200i products but if you own one of these and are getting nervous about a recall, there are a couple of things to know. Firstly it is a recall due to a motherboard compatibility issue – an inconvenience rather than a hazard – and secondly, the recall affects just a small batch of these PSUs.

  • Affected products: Corsair HX 1200 / Corsair HX 1200i
  • Lot codes: 2030XXXX to 2041XXXX

The above are lot codes for the affected PSUs sold after 20th July 2020. Moreover, if you are in any doubt, Corsair provides a helpful lot decoder reference key as follows:

How to read CORSAIR lot codes:

  • 2030XXXX
  • YY = Year = 2020
  • WW = Week = 30th week (20 Jul)
  • XXXX = Manufacture code

So, what can happen if you have one of these wrong'uns? As per our headline and intro, these products aren't hazardous due to this issue. Corsair describes the problem as follows: "Affected units may exhibit compatibility issues with some motherboards - the issue will typically manifest immediately, or shortly after, installation and presents as connected motherboards failing to POST." Importantly it adds that "The issue has zero risk of damaging end-user hardware, but we are mindful of the negative user experience this may cause for customers and wish to avoid it if at all possible, especially as the issue is not consistent across all motherboards and can be difficult to diagnose."

If you have a HX1200 and HX1200i power supply, Corsair says you can arrange for an advanced replacement unit to be sent out. It isn't issuing a full recall though, as "there is zero risk to hardware". A portal for setting up your RMA is provided at the end of Corsair's forum post about this PSU issue.

HEXUS reviewed the Corsair HX1200i way back in June 2015, and if you bought one at that time it won't, of course, be affected by the recall. The Corsair HX1200i won a HEXUS recommended award with praise for almost everything bar the price.

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Well that doesn't apply to me but at least they have identified there''s a problem and addressing it unlike NZXT's dangerous fudge on their cases.
…unlike NZXT's dangerous fudge on their cases.
Have you watched the GN video's on that then, i did this morning and they have a point, that riser could so easily leave someone with a burnt up PC or worse a house fire.
Yes , I watched it this morning as well. Hitting a few tech sites like most of do for reviews and comparisons that is now 3 company's in a row in a bad light. NZXT , Nvidea and Asrock.
Yes , I watched it this morning as well. Hitting a few tech sites like most of do for reviews and comparisons that is now 3 company's in a row in a bad light. NZXT , Nvidea and Asrock.
What happened with Asrock? You could add MSI on the list.
Asrock got slated by Hardware Unboxed amongst others for their Z490 boards vrm's etc for being under powered and not even volting some stock chips but claiming good for overclocking. Hence a few well known Youtube reviewers also got blacklisted for the exposure , much the same as Nvidea's behaviour. I supose these companys don't really care as peeps will still buy their products even the crappy ones they sometimes put out , all money in the bank.