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Corsair launches its first aRGB power supplies, CX-F RGB Series

by Mark Tyson on 25 September 2020, 10:11

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Corsair has launched its CX-F RGB Series power supplies. The firm says that these are PSUs designed to deliver "reliable 80 PLUS Bronze efficient power to your system, alongside vibrant customizable lighting from a 120mm RGB fan boasting eight RGB LEDs". These fully modular PSUs are being made available in 550W, 650W, and 750W models with your choice of black or white casings.

As the aRGB features are a first for Corsair PSUs, let us look at this closely first. From Corsair's description it looks like the RGB frills offered by these PSUs are entirely based upon the fan installed. The PSUs use a 120mm fan with eight addressable RGB LEDs. Hooked up to a Corsair iCUE RGB Lighting Controller, such as the iCUE Lighting Node PRO or Commander PRO, you can use iCUE to fully customise and sync your PSU lighting. Another choice is to use the included 5V aRGB adapter for motherboard-powered RGB lighting control. Lastly, and most simply, you can press a button on the PSU to cycle through 9 RGB lighting presets.

The Corsair CX-F RGB Series power supplies are full modular, meaning you only need to connect up the cables you are going to use. This helps create a clean PC build and can improve airflow in your PC case.

These are compact 140mm long ATX designs - which should fit nicely in any modern case. Inside they use 105°C rated Japanese primary electrolytic capacitors for reliability and durability. The 120mm rifle-bearing cooling fan runs in accordance with a custom fan speed curve, specially calculated for low-noise cooling while delivering stable, efficient power to your PC. Checking the specs Corsair says that these PSUs also offer a Zero RPM mode for idling / low load situations.

In its press release Corsair says all the new PSUs models mentioned above are available now. Here in the UK I checked availability and if you want to buy direct from Corsair you will have a 2-4 week wait for stock. Pricing for the 550W, 650W, and 750W models is £73, 83, and £90, respectively in the UK. The PR mentions 5 year guarantees as standard but the product page tech specs for the 650W and 750W models says 7 years.

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So bored of RGB now. Isn't there anything else pointless on the horizon?

Perhaps hydraulics, like those cars that bounced up and down at traffic lights.

Or rather than light pollution, every component could have a small speaker. You could make an SSD make a chirp noise every time it is accessed, so you can pretend you have a hard disk in there :D
I was going to sand my eyes but then thought these *might* have a use in SFF sandwich layout cases with a transparent side panel where the PSU is mounted sideways with the fan facing the side panel and you wanted it to light up. A bit niche but I can see certain people wanting it. Now I'm going to go sand my eyes.
Good God! Is there anything left in the case that hasn't had an led stuck to it yet?
Huh, so this is it right ? Is there anything left to RGB ?

I'm not a fan of it personally; while I do really like the look of RGB setups when someone else owns em, I just hate the idea for myself. But ya now with this people are gonna be able to fully coordinate all lighting in their cases.
So so sick of RGB. Plain colours are so much better but even that I'm tired of now.