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NZXT launches C Series ATX PSUs for gamers

by Mark Tyson on 24 January 2020, 14:31

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PC gaming hardware firm NZXT, which specialises in cases and cooling, has launched a new line of ATX power supplies targeting the gaming market. NZXT says that its new C650, C750, and C850 are the latest fruits of its partnership with Seasonic and are designed to deliver "both peace of mind and clean, reliable power to your PC gaming system". NZXT backs its reliability claims with a palpably long warranty - 10 years as standard.

While they may offer varying max output power levels, the C Seriews is said to cover "all the essentials" and more. For example, even the lower-rated C750 and C650 support NVIDIA GPUs up to 2080ti and AMD GPUs up to AMD Radeon VII, according to the manufacturer. The NZXT C850 is recommended for multi-GPU configurations.

These 'built-for-builders' series PSUs use a modular design so you don't have to have cables you don't need attached to the PSU, easing clutter and smoothing air flow. Moreover, the cables are heat and fray-resistant to provide longevity.

NZXT's C Series PSUs are all 80 Plus gold certified with efficiency exceeding 90 per cent while at 50 per cent load, for less energy wasted as heat. Inside you will find all-Japanese capacitors, and a 135mm fluid-dynamic bearing fan. Users can push the Zero RPM Fan mode button for near-silent running under low-load conditions.

Protections including over/under voltage, over-current, temperature, and short-circuits are present. These help ensure the safety of your expensive gaming PC's components should there be a source power supply issue.

Above you can see the comparative specs of the NZXT C Series of power supplies. NZXT has said that the new C650, C750, and C850 will ship soon to the USA with MSRPs of US$109.99, US$119.99, and US$129.99, respectively. Rest of world availability and pricing is yet to be announced.

Earlier this week NZXT launched the NZXT RGB & Fan Controller (now $24.99 in USA, ROW in early Feb) which you can read more about via the HEXUS press releases section.

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Looks like they didn't prepare for the new ATX12VO, but still come with the old 24pin.