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Corsair set to launch the finest 1,000W PSU?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 9 January 2008, 15:53

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With DDR2 being cheap as chips and DDR3 memory's ceiling limited by the variability of overclocking on current chipsets - limited to Intel's P3x, X38/X48 - there was little new on the memory front from the major enthusiast-oriented manufacturers.

Rather, Corsair had a prototype 1,000W PSU on display.

Powering a rig that included an overclocked Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770, three EVGA GeForce 8800 Ultras in three-way SLI, and a cornucopia of other esoteric kit, the modular supply will follow others in Corsair's stable by being backed by a five-year warranty and continuous-wattage rating at 50C.

Fitting into the ATX 2.0 spec, albeit a little larger than normal, it also features a single 140mm fan with doublel ball-bearings and Japanese-made capacitors. Internally, it carries two completely separate 12V lines, from what can be thought of as two separate mini-PSUs, and is reckoned to be 85-plus per cent efficient thanks to the 3.3V and 5V lines being directly derived from the 12V's.

We can only think of a few occasions when such power would actually be needed, as in the case presented above, and Corsair now becomes the latest player in the ultra-high-wattage ring.

The 1,000W model should be available in a couple of months' time, although no indication on pricing.

On a different note, one of the company's stated aims for 2008 will be to aggressively pursue the lucrative high-end OEM system-building market with respect to installing Corsair-branded PSUs and XMS memory in luxury systems, according to the CEO and president, Andy Paul.

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Corsair's PSUs are superb in my experience, and according to many of the best reviewers. Now they just need an HX model at around 720W to replace my luverly Zeus!
Until Corsair settle on a decent single PSU manufacturer I'll take any such release with a pinch of salt. My heart sank when I heard the newer models were manufactured by CWT and not Seasonic (limited to the VX PSUs?), so who knows who makes these? Is this going the same as Hiper - great, value enthusiast PSUs perhaps released at a loss to build up reputation, then make all that loss back by cutting down on manufacturing costs by choosing a budget manufacturer while retaining the same initial costs?

This isn't a dig at Hexus itself, but my nature, but in a review I couldn't trust Hexus to review the products either as they're sponsored, and by their own admission ‘powered by Corsair’. As such any Corsair review is immediately met with a degree of scepticism from this pessimistic reader.

1000w PSUs aren't just a niche product, I'm struggling to think of any application for a genuine enthusiast 1000w PSU. Seriously - even a quad Crossfire or SLi set up would push that. It's an advertising point, soaking up the uninformed with big numbers.
Who needs a 1,000w PSU for goodness sake!!?
perhaps overclocked skulltrail, 16GB of memory, quad fire and a heap of HDDs as a backup media server under virtualised linux?

bring in stability and longevity (i.e. not threading on the lines of its max rating..).. I'd say 1000W isn't too far off..

and the practical use of that isn't too far fetched for an enthusiast..