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Razer releases its Sila high performance Wi-Fi router

by Mark Tyson on 4 October 2018, 11:01

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Razer has launched its first networking product, the Razer Sila gaming mesh router. In an associated press release, the firm claims that the Sila is the "fastest gaming grade Wi-Fi router for PC, console and mobile," and that it can deliver best-in-class speeds and an interference-free connection even in the busiest Wi-Fi areas.

With the growing popularity of mobile gaming and the fact that many home owners don't want the expense or upheaval of creating a wired network for every room (I use HomePlug networking) Razer says its Sila router comes into its own, as it is "designed to deliver lag-free gaming and smooth, interruption-free streaming over a fast wireless network". Third party testing by Allion USA backs up Razer's outperform claims for mesh routers in 'busy' real-world environments.

The Razer Sila uses the following key technologies to achieve its claims:

  • Razer FasTrack – Intelligent continuously adaptive QoS with Deep Packet Inspection prioritizes applications & devices for high-speed gaming & streaming
  • Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS – Get additional bandwidth on protected fast channels for reliable, interference-free, lag-free connections
  • Tri-Band Mesh with Dedicated Backhaul – For widespread coverage with maximum performance
  • Intelligent Active Steering – Ensures client devices are always connected to the strongest signal
  • App and Smart Software Support – iOS & Android app with advanced features for guest network & security controls

For the Mesh Networking functionality users with two or more Razer Sila units can combine their signals to cover large areas. Razer says that areas up to 6,000 square feet can be covered with two units, or multi-storey locations over 6,000 square feet can be covered with three units.

Razer's design partner for the Sila was Ignition Design Labs, a technology and engineering firm founded by alumni of networking giants Qualcomm and Broadcom.

If you are interested in buying one or more Razer Sila routers, they are available now from the Razer Store and other outlets worldwide. Suggested pricing is USD $249.99 / EU €299.99.

Razer Sila key specifications:


  • Tri-Band AC3000
  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • 11n 2.4GHz: up to 400 Mbps
  • 11ac 5GHz-1: up to 1734 Mbps
  • 11ac 5GHz-2: up to 866 Mbps


  • WPA / WPA2-PSK


  • 9 x powerful high-gain internal antennas


  • Razer FasTrack Adaptive QoS + DPI Engine
  • Multichannel ZeroWait DFS
  • Tri-Band Mesh with dedicated backhaul
  • Multi-user MIMO & Beamforming technology
  • Intelligent active steering
  • Isolated guest network support
  • Simplified app setup via Android or iOS


  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet (1x WAN, 3x LAN)
  • 1 x USB 2.0 port
  • 1 x USB 3.0 port

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Well at least it doesn't look like a toppled crab
When is WPA3 going to come on the market?
I can't buy it, they didn't put the word ‘Gaming’ into the product title
When is WPA3 going to come on the market?

Not sure, but good manufacturers should be pushing out updates to implement it in existing supported routers. There's no new encryption algorithms that would require dedicated hardware to implement it.
£279.99 for a single unit meaning to get Mesh networking is going to cost upwards of £560 depending on how many units you need. I paid less than the cost of one for my system, admittedly it doesn't have a dedicated gaming channel but its fast as and does everything I need it to.