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Belkin's wireless USB hub finally coming to the UK

by Parm Mann on 7 February 2008, 09:50

Tags: Wireless USB hub, Belkin

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Wirelessly connect all your USB devices to your computer

Finally, a wireless USB solution for us Europeans. Belkin's 4-port wireless USB hub had launched in the US some six months ago and now we're finally close to getting our hands on it on this side of the pond as the device will launch in Europe this April.

The device, a certified CE wireless USB product, allows you to connect your USB devices to the wireless USB hub, be it a printer, hard drive or whatever else you have lying around. Then all you need to do is connect the USB adaptor to your computer and hey presto, you can access all the connected devices without wires. We love things without wires.

Belkin's Wireless USB Hub

It isn't all perfect mind you, once connected wirelessly, you're limited to a range of 10 meters which although sufficient, doesn't give you a lot of room to manoeuvre. The device will connect any form of USB device, be it USB 1 or 2, and promises transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps.

Unlike AMD however, Belkin aren't acknowledging the dollar/pound and exchange rate. Where one might buy this product for $199 in the US, we'll be paying £129.99 when it launches in the UK this April.

Official press release: Wirelessly print, back up files, or listen to music with Belkin’s new wireless USB hub

Useful links: Official product page and video demonstration

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I like the sound of this (did when I first read about it last year, too).

Do you know how many devices can be connected to the hub?
I believe it's four.
£129 for a USB hub LMFAO, it runs on bateries meaning when i hard drive is pluged in how long is it going to last?
I like the idea of wireless USB, but I don't think it would be useful while the range is so short. For me the benefit of wireless USB, is that I would be able to remotely access and control devices in other rooms, without snaking a long series of active USB repeater cables down the hall.

This device appears to have been designed so that someone can run a laptop in a stylish study without visible cables, and access a remote printer or scanner that has been discreetly concealed in a cupboard. (printers especially can be accessed fairly easily over wireless, so the need is not really there, but it will sell product).