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Netgear launches network-attached storage for the home

by Parm Mann on 7 January 2008, 14:49

Tags: NetGear (NASDAQ:NTGR)

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Three ReadyNAS Duo twin-disk SATA models

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Netgear is serving up three ReadyNAS Duo solutions for the home in the form of:

  • ReadyNAS Duo 500GB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (RND2150)
  • ReadyNAS Duo 750GB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (RND2175)
  • ReadyNAS Duo 1TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (RND2110)

Each product holds up to two SATA hard drives and provides all the NAS functionality you've come to expect, along with gigabit connectivity. More interestingly, you can plug in a digital camera via USB and the devices will automatically transfer your images and make them available on your network. Also included is support for BitTorrent, enabling users to download digital entertainment content directly to the ReadyNAS Duo.

The ReadyNAS Duo supports Windows and Macintosh networks and uses certain Apple technologies, such as Bonjour and AFP, as well as a desktop widget for MacOS X.

No news on prices just yet but we're hopeful they'll reflect the target home audience.

Official press release: NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo Brings Award-Winning Intelligent Network Storage Technology to Consumers

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Cool. I like netgear stuff (build quality and reliability has always seemed great to me), I'm interested in a NAS setup at home, but wanted one with Bittorrent. I'll look out for these with interest!
Now this I will watch with some interest.
Any word on a release date for these, also interested in their WNR3500 router …