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Acer announces a pair of 'frameless' monitors for Q4 2014

by Mark Tyson on 10 September 2014, 13:15

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Acer has announced two new monitors featuring a stylish and streamlined 'frameless' design. The 25-inch H257HU and 27-inch S277HK also boast high resolutions plus DTS surround sound.

Both the new monitors are finished with aluminium edging to the front and sides and a glossy white finish to the rear. They could look appealing gracing a front of office or reception desk, or your living space. Built-in DTS surround sound completes a feature set which will work well if you want to keep wires and peripherals like speakers to a minimum and reduce clutter.

These monitors aren't just pretty, Acer has thought about ergonomics in the designs. The H257HU and S277HK both feature technologies to eliminate flicker and reduce blue light. That should help users feel fresher after periods of screen use. Fleshing out the comfort features further are Low Dimming technology, to dim as low as 15 per cent depending upon the ambient light, and ComfyView technology to cut out distracting reflections.

Acer S277HK

This 27-inch monitor has a characteristic offset stand to make it visually appealing (as in above two photos). The IPS screen installed offers 4K2K Ultra HD (3840x2160) resolution. Acer reminds us that this is four times sharper than a 1080p display of the same dimensions.

Acer H257HU

This 25-inch monitor complements its hairline frame design with a round rim base (see above). The IPS screen offers a WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and wide viewing angles.

Both Acer's new monitors are equipped with DVI, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 ports. They are expected to ship globally beginning from Q4 this year.

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I couldn't work with that off centre stand. The thought of it make me twitch.
I don't understand why these premium monitors never seem to come with VESA mounts anymore…
ah so bezel now means frameless…. sorry but that black border is a frame, it's just not so obvious
offset stand to make it visually appealing

Now either you are simply copy and pasting from the press release or clearly have zero taste! I suspect it may be both!

Q: I wonder why other companies haven't gone with such an asymmetrical design flourish?
A: Because it sucks.

Makes the monitor looks like one of those C shaped hospital tables that are designed to tuck under the bed. Yuck!
That off set sucks, so does that round stand! Give me good old straight lines and edges just like a monitor has on its bezel less (cough) upper section.

Do these companies think we are stupid or something?