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NEC makes super-wide curved monitors a reality

by Parm Mann on 9 June 2009, 13:34

Tags: CRV43, NEC (FRA:NEC1)

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Remember the giant curved screen being shown off in prototype form by Alienware in January '08? Despite plenty of interest in the screen, we've heard little in regards to retail availability in the 15 months that have since passed, and we'd almost forgotten the screen ever existed.

Fortunately for those still dreaming of the ultra-wide experience, NEC hasn't forgotten and is bringing its own giant curved screen to market as soon as next month.

It's called the NEC CRV43, and it's a 43in curved display that - like the prototype from Alienware - provides a 2,880x900 resolution by "seamlessly" stitching together four LED DLP projectors.

According to NEC, it'll provide a 12-bit colour depth, a response time of 0.02ms, 200cd/mĀ² brightness, and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. Connectivity options come in the form of HDMI and DVI, and the display packs USB ports, too.

Sounds impressive, but here's the catch; it'll hit retail next month with a suggested retail price of around $8,000.

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Even though the technology doesn't seem ideal, they do look sexy and I could imagine getting quite an advatage on a FPSer :)

$8000 though - OUCH!
but if the game rendering engine didn't realise you had a curved screen, how would it really help? Your fov would still be narrow.
FOVs are normally set depending on the resolution.

Can't see why the curve should really effect it.
It's frankly embarrassing in my opinion that they've managed to release a 43“ wide monitor that costs £8,000, and still has less pixels than a far cheaper 30” monitor. I'd actually pay more for the 30".

2,880x900 or 2560x1600 - hard choice.