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AUO showcases 800R curved gaming monitors at Display Week 21

by Mark Tyson on 20 May 2021, 12:11

Tags: VESA

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Monitor and displays maker AUO has a sizable presence / portfolio of new and interesting products at the ongoing SID Display Week Virtual 2021 event. The firm's display product coverage is very wide, covering the likes of automotive, medical, and oversized solutions. Various display technologies are leveraged too, like the familiar, VA, AMOLED, and newer Micro LED technologies. Below I'm going to look most closely at AUO's gaming monitor announcements at Display Week 21, but you can check out the firm's dedicated event page and raft of videos here.

AOU is looking at advancing a number of qualities in order to make its gaming displays more attractive to consumers. Thus, it is pushing forward with; ultra-high refresh rates, fast response times, different curvatures to promote immersion, plus generally larger and higher resolution monitors.

The first gaming monitor advances to be the focus of the video above are the latest ultra-high refresh rate displays from AUO. You can see gaming monitors featured with FHD and QHD resolutions boasting refresh rates of 300Hz and higher.

A particular attraction was the "world's first QHD 300Hz gaming monitor" which includes another interesting technology dubbed ART (Advanced Reflectionless Technology). This tech cuts reflections and glare caused by ambient light. It uses a special surface structure design which changes the direction of reflected light, "while an extra low-reflectivity coating reduces scattered light to a level that is barely discernible".

Not everyone likes curved displays, but they surely fit better into the gaming niche than for general purpose or content creator purposes. If you are into curved displays and reckon more is better, then AUO's 34-inch WQHD 165Hz 800R curved gaming monitor display might appeal. This bezel-less design promises deep immersion with good supporting specs (frame rate/response).

Another highlight of the AUO gaming exhibit must be the 32-inch UHD 4K 144Hz Mini LED gaming monitor display with DisplayHDR 1400. This is currently the highest HDR rating from VESA, as it denies that DisplayHDR 2000 exists, despite various monitor makers promotional materials leaking with this spec mentioned.

Mini LED monitors offer great contrast ratios thanks to the multitude of local dimming zones in play. Moreover, AUO's example here includes Quantum Dots for vivid colour and an AHVA panel, in a bezel-less design. AUO has lined up Mini LED displays for laptops too.

Expect the above displays / technologies to feature in upcoming AUO partner monitor designs in the coming months.

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Very cool monitors, i love the QHD 300Hz gaming monitor A.R.T tech, would love to try it out. Never heard of this company before. Hope they do well
that 32' mini led sounds super cool, unfortunately it will certainly cost more than an arm and a leg but eventually these things will become cheaper for mere mortals which is something to look forward
Very cool monitors, i love the QHD 300Hz gaming monitor A.R.T tech, would love to try it out. Never heard of this company before. Hope they do well

Really? AUO are huge one of the biggest display makers. Used to be Acer Displays before….
Note I said display maker not monitor maker