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Panasonic's 150in plasma wins willy-waving competition

by Tarinder Sandhu on 7 January 2008, 16:06

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There's something intrinsically manly about owning something large, right?

That line of thinking is echoed by the world's major TV manufacturers, it seems, as the annual race to produce the largest flat-panel television is duked out by the likes of Samsung, Sharp, LG and Panasonic.

We saw the 100-inch LCD barrier crossed just a couple of years ago, and Sharp took top LCD honours with its 108-inch behemoth during CES 2007.

Now, though, Panasonic has stepped up to the rather large plate and unveiled a plasma display that measures a whopping 150 inches, as measured diagonally. That's over 12 feet, dear reader.

We managed to convince a random man to stand next to the TV. Yes, it's big. It'll feature the usual full-HD gubbins and company-specific nomenclature that highlights various sound- and picture-enhancing features.

No word on price but rest assured that it will cost a lot. We wonder when Wayne Rooney and his brigade of super-rich twenty-somethings will buy one.

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But i think i prefer Pioneers 9mm thick screen, or the extreme contrast concept they showed off the other day. At least they are practical.
^^ practical… indeed.

What about making the current everyday panels better? lower ms, better contrast etc. Why bother with these tbf.
i think it is more about reputation and the target market is not really consumer
I really don't understand why do we need 100“+ screens, especially not a 9mm thick one.

Main thing is the weight, I had the luxary to install a 67” Plasma a month ago and it was so difficult to install purely down to weight.

Second thing, if the screen is 9mm thick, I don't see how it is feasible to transport without snapping the screen in 2 halves. And how would one manage to move the screen into the room without tearing half a house down?

If one have to split a 100“ screen into 25*20” screen with a small line between edges of each monitor, why not just go for a projector which is <20kg compared to a ~80kg TV? Not to mention a projector will go a lot bigger if you want to.