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ASRock makes a splash with A-Style Z87 motherboards

by HEXUS Staff on 5 June 2013, 18:18

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Anybody with an interest in motherboards should pay a visit to Computex at least once. It is, quite simply, motherboard heaven. The latest boards line the booths of all the biggest names in the industry, and each year there's a fierce battle to be the brand with the most impressive line up.

This year, ASRock is capturing the public's imagination through a range of boards that promise everything from waterproofed coatings to the ability to power 22 SSDs. The company has some of those most feature-packed Z87 boards we've seen, though, while partners are lining up in support of Intel's Haswell, it's a shame hardly anybody is showcasing new FM2 boards for AMD's freshly-unveiled Richland APUs.

Still, you'll struggle to beat ASRock for enthusiasm. Here's Han giving us a lively demo of three upcoming Z87 boards; Z87 OC Formula; Z87 Extreme11/ac; and Z87 Extreme6/ac.


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“Oppa AsROCK Style”…

Does this mean, we will no longer need fans to cool down things in the coming days ?
Solo presentation by Han, very enthusiastic, maybe bit less caffeine next time LOL.

Like the direction Asrock is going, onwards & upwards, even giving a light bashing to old Mother Asus… ;-)
One thing about ASrock is they aren't scarred of trying anything. But will say they have improved so much
I remember ASRock being absolute cack and few years ago. They have come on leaps and bounds since then. Definately a manufacturer to watch.