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ASRock readies additional X79 mainboards

by Navin Maini on 31 October 2011, 14:14

Tags: AsRock

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We saw one of ASRock's X79 powered mainboards - the X79 Extreme7 - earlier this month, but the company is preparing an SKU to pack even more of a punch.



The X79 Extreme9, seen above, will soak-up power from dual 8-pin EPS connectors and supposedly packs in a power delivery system to rival the 16-phase VRM, that its X79 Extreme7 sibling is said to harbour. There are a total of eight DIMM slots surrounding the LGA2011 socket, plus the same hefty looking heatsinks and a fan-cooled solution for the PCH.

The X79 Extreme9 also looks set to be accompanied by a daughterboard that is said to house a 7.1 channel audio chip and gaming-grade NIC, plus the mainboard boasts plentiful connectivity options - including a plethora of SATA ports.



If Micro-ATX is what you're looking for though, then there's the X79 Extreme4-M, seen above.

The X79 Extreme4-M adopts an 8-phase VRM for CPU power delivery and is kitted-out with driver-MOSFETs, as well as high-grade solid state chokes. There are a total of four DIMM slots, three PCIe 3.0 x16 slots and a traditional PCI slot thrown in too.

As for connectivity, the SKU is fitted-out with 8+2 channel HD audio, USB 3.0, and FireWire - amongst other things.

Image Source: VR-Zone, techPowerUp!

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Nice been waiting to see if they did any MATX X79 motherboards, would be tempted to get that instead of the 1155 motherboard I have on order if it wasn't for the fact the 6 core Sandy Bridge E chips were so expensive.
I'm not liking the look of the fan that some boards are sporting.
Haven't seen such a mean looking, awesomely styled mobo in quite a while…

(concur that having to see a manufacturer placed fan on the mobo as default is a tiny bit disappointing though)
Love the look of the M-atx board, hate the fan, can we have a right-angled 24 pin ATX connector please

And how on earth are you supposed to use the PCIx16 slots with that spacing, middle slot looks completely redundant.

Could have a lot of fun watercooling this though, very tempted
Does anyone else notice that on the extreme9, the heatsink is over 1 RAM slot?