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Foxconn cheapens Bloodrage mobo with Flaming Blade

by Tarinder Sandhu on 20 February 2009, 15:28

Tags: Foxconn Bloodrage motherboard ATX - iX58, Foxconn (TPE:2317)

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We took a look at Foxconn's top-of-the-line Bloodrage X58 motherboard last year and were impressed with the wealth of features on the strictly enthusiast-class mobo. However, with a street price of around £280 it ain't cheap, especially with competitors now selling decent X58s for around £200.

Maybe you don't need the dry-ice container and waterblock, so Foxconn will be launching a cut-down model dubbed Bloodrage Flaming Blade, to fit in-between the GTI and Bloodrage.

Flaming Blade
Picture courtesy of Expreview

Flaming Blade is full-fat Bloodrage on a diet. Gone is the over-the-top cooling, PCIe x16 slots are reduced from four to two, the excellent Sonar X-Fi soundcard is eschewed in favour of onboard audio, SAS support gets chopped, and the SATA ports are moved from the edge to further into the interior.

Still, one of our biggest grievances, the provision of just three DIMM slots, remains with the Flaming Blade. While we're at it, why not get rid of the floppy-connector; it serves very little use now.

Should the BIOS remain solid and performance decent at, say, 200MHz BCLK, the board could be of real interest if priced <£200.

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&#163;200 motherboard and they can't even put some of the SATA at a 90 degree angle like most high end board.