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Intel X58 motherboards: pre-launch pricing comparison

by Parm Mann on 10 November 2008, 12:08

Tags: Intel Core i7 i7-920, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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What about Intel's NDA?

The problem with Core i7 and its X58 motherboards is that consumers don't yet officially know when to expect products in stores. Intel has of course announced the products, hence our in-depth review and analysis, but actual street dates remain unknown.

Popular UK-based etailer SCAN.co.uk has commented on availability by providing the following statement on its website: -


"Due to an Intel NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) being enforced we cannot advertise the product for sale (there are sites in the UK who are breaking the rules and charging extortionate prices in an attempt to lure you in).


However, please be assured that once the launch date is officially announced, WE WILL HAVE STOCK AND OUR PRICE WILL BE GOOD

If you are interested with a view to buy the new Intel Core i7 processor 920, 940 or 965 on launch, please fill out the form below. We will put you on our hotlist of people to make contact with as soon as stock arrives. Please be assured that there is no commitment for you to buy whatsoever.

All we can say is the Launch of the Hottest CPUs will be VERY soon."


According to SCAN, then, placing pre-orders at other e-tailers won't result in X58 deliveries any sooner.

We've spoken to Ebuyer, and it insists that the ASUS P6T Deluxe can be ordered today for delivery tomorrow - it has 11 currently in stock.

It appears certain e-tailers have opted to stick to Intel's NDA, but others are taking advantage of being early to market.

Irrespective of availability, consumers contemplating a Core i7 upgrade are looking at a fairly hefty sum. Add a CPU to an X58 mainboard - and remember we expect prices to start at around £250 for the Core i7 920 - and you're already edging over the £500 mark, that's without factoring in the required DDR3 memory.

Core i7 will soon be the fastest desktop processor around, and it'll carry a complete-system asking price that reflects exactly that.

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£150 for the 920…? typo?
Ouch, those prices are high. I think I'll sit pretty on my Wolfdale for another year till the i7 becomes more affordable.
I'll never be able to afford this..


I guess its C2Q for now..
Ouch, those prices are high. I think I'll sit pretty on my Wolfdale for another year till the i7 becomes more affordable.

As mentioned in another thread, it doubted that it will become ‘affordable’ the prices may drop somewhat but the really affordable solutions will be the socket 1160 (or 1156) which will be the P55 and moe cut down versions of i7. The two wont be interchangable and the X58 is likely to remain quite highly priced. Take a look at the x48 mobo's they are still pretty expensive.
by jan some of these should be around the Ā£200 mark if not lower:)