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J&W's near-perfect HTPC mainboard is almost here

by Parm Mann on 16 July 2008, 10:56

Tags: J&W Technology

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We managed to get a hands-on look at J&W's Mini-ITX AMD 780G board at COMPUTEX last month, and our resident tech-guru, Mr Sandhu, dubbed the board as quite possibly the world's best HTPC mainboard.

Back then, J&W (China's second biggest mainboard manufacturer in terms of sales) was pushing the board as the ultimate base for a HTPC. It's all gone a bit quiet since COMPUTEX, but the board has now re-appeared on J&W's official website and looks set to launch in the very near future.

Unfortunately, the official product page tells us little more than we already know. The board has an integrated Radeon HD 3200 graphics core, supports DirectX 10 and AMD Phenom processors (up to 95W), and there's the performance-boosting 128MiB SidePort framebuffer.

The built-in Universal Video Decoder provides hardware-assisted high-definition decoding, and there's HDMI, DVI and VGA ports, as well as 7.1 HD audio. There's a PCI-E expansion slot should you want to throw in a TV tuner, or a dedicated graphics card if you really feel the need, and the rear I/O also provides six USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit LAN, and eSATA.

Early last month, we were told by J&W to expect the board to land with a lofty $180 price-tag, the one major drawback, we felt. Nearly a month and a half later, we're hoping the board will launch at a much lower price. That, then, would ultimately make it a very tidy Mini-ITX solution.

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Official product page: jwele.com

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I hope it hits stores soon, feels like I've been waiting ages for this D:
Interesting that they decided to use the Sideport memory feature, I've read a few people commenting that it was a wasted feature and that motherboard manufacturers wouldn't bother implimenting that feature.
Wow $180 for a mini-ITX board :surprised:

You can buy a decent micro-ATX board for $45 and a passive 3650 for $85 on newegg, which kind of makes this board redundant at the stated price IMO
But a micro-ATX board is larger and doesn't fit in a mini-ITX case.

So it is still valid :)