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YoYoTech and Foxconn unite for BLACKOPS event

by Parm Mann on 19 May 2008, 14:53

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Exclusive discounts available for HEXUS readers!

This Saturday, May 24th, YoYoTech will be hosting a special BLACKOPS event at its London store, where Foxconn's Quantum Force range of motherboards will be out in the open.

For the first time, visitors will be able to see the following trio of high-end Foxconn motherboards in the flesh:

  • BLACKOPS, an Intel X48-based motherboard which can be cooled with air, water, or liquid nitrogen!

  • DREADNUOUGHT, an Intel motherboard based on the nForce 790i chipset

  • DESTROYER, an AMD motherboard based on the nForce 780a chipset

The highlight, of course, is BLACKOPS, which Foxconn claims to be the world's first production motherboard to be shipped as "LN2 ready".

Getting to see these boards in the flesh isn't all you'll have to look forward too, either. YoYoTech has announced that HEXUS readers will be eligible for a five per cent discount on any purchases made on the day, excluding CPUs.

If you won't be buying, YoYoTech will be running competitions throughout the day, giving visitors the chance to win a selection of prizes, including a brand new system. There will also be a chance to enter a draw to win a BLACKOPS motherboard.

The event will be kicking off at 12pm this Saturday, May 24th, at YoYoTech's London store (30 Windmill Street, off Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 2JL).

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Does that mean 5% discount of shop price or 5% of the internet price?
Definitely going :)
Hi Arthur,

YOYOTech's in-store pricing is pretty competitive anyway, but - for this Saturday only - we will be offering an additional 5% off all marked prices (except CPUs - which will be 2% off!) as a ‘thank you’ to any HEXUS readers who come along… ideally with a big bunch of their Imperial College buddies (hint hint !)

Foxconn will be there with the coolest products - and we will have some pretty cool competitions as well

Although doors open from 10:00am, the main events will run from 12 to 5

Hope to see you there on Saturday !


sorry to say this but foxconn are not the best company and have a long long way to go. their technical support is non existant. if you want proof check out their forums. if they are actually working that is.

Foxconn Product Technical Forum (Welcome!)

they offer no help whatsoever. i wish i had checked this first before i bought foxconn. i usually always get asus but thought id give foxconn a try. massive regret. stick to asus. spend that little bit extra. trust me.
Not often one board takes more than 7 world records at the same time - but that is exactly what BLACK OPS managed

PAY DAY - FOXCONN BlackOps - 7.5 WRs down… - XtremeSystems Forums

We are giving enthusiasts a chance to see these products, in the flesh, this Saturday - and win a shed-load of prizes at the same time…


…and giving a solid discount off our in store prices - so maybe you should come down and have a look !

We are at 30 Windmill Street - around 5 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road or Goodge Street stations
ooo, imma coming.

hope i win some stuff in the competitions…. as i have only £20 :p