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Intel based Quad Crossfire on the starting grid!

by Nick Haywood on 10 January 2008, 16:10

Tags: Foxconn (TPE:2317)

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Foxconn have F1 in engineering

CES 2008 Sorry but as is the way with early snaps of engineering parts, there’s precious little info on the Foxconn F1 mainboard, an Intel chipset based Quad Crossfire solution. Foxconn are keeping details of this beast under wraps, so although we can take shots of this engineering sample, we’ve got little else to go on.

Click for larger image

Foxconn wouldn’t even reveal what chipset the board is based on other than it’s an upcoming Intel system… and we’ve been promised a machine running eight displays at CeBIT in March… and yes, it’ll do one big display in tiled mode as well as eight individual images or apps.

Click for larger image

(ps. Our sources reckon the mystery chipset is the Intel P45… but we’ll have to wait for Foxconn to confirm this later)

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