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Asus ROG teases 24-inch laptop with GTX Titan X beating GPU

by Mark Tyson on 23 May 2016, 09:31


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Just ahead of the weekend Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) published a teaser for an upcoming gaming laptop which promises "a significant leap" in performance to what we are used to. The blog post says that Asus currently have an overclockable laptop in its R&D labs that "will rival even gaming desktops". Without any overclocking shenanigans the new laptop boasts a 3DMark11 (Performance) score that trumps an Nvidia GTX Titan X equipped desktop PC.

The meat in the Asus ROG tease sandwich is the above comparison chart. A further screen-grab in the Asus ROG blog post shows that the precise 3DMark 11 score recorded was P20811. Elsewhere in the article we got a couple of obtuse close-ups of a gaming laptop which we assume must be of this machine, but they reveal very little. You can see smaller versions of these close-up studies below.

Some sites reckon that the 3DMark 11 score reveals the power of the 'GeForce GTX 1080M' but others say this is just an example of a PC systems maker using desktop silicon in a laptop. In recent history some gaming laptop makers have stuffed a full GTX 980 GPU into their portable gaming powerhouses.

24-inch laptop?

Further clues to the unusual nature of the teased laptop come from Asus ROG describing it as "a concept machine". That means that almost anything goes in terms of design as practicality, usability and budget constraints can be thrown out of the window. We are told to wait patiently for Computex to see more of this beast, and would guess that this secret new overclockable gaming laptop will be used as a centrepiece of the Asus ROG gaming laptop exhibition.

Scrolling down the blog post, it was interesting to see the tags that the blog writer had used to describe the concept laptop. If you think that some of the top gaming laptops are already to big, bulky and lack portability this machine might not be for you. Asus has tagged the post with, among other things, the description "24-inch laptop". I don't expect it to sport some neat new folding/rolled display tech, Asus isn't Samsung or LG, therefore it's going to be showing a bulky luggable rather than truly portable machine.

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Finally, a desktop replacement that takes up as much space as my actual desktop! The circle is complete!
Laptop? At that size and with the likely power requirements, it is more like an AiO solution for LAN gaming parties.
I really like the idea to be honest :P Effectively a desktop PC you can carry about with you.
Sounds like some kind of AIO/Laptop bridge.

I think pre-built machines with holistic top down cooling solutions can be pretty effective and space saving.
… Effectively a desktop PC you can carry about with you.

If it's genuinely 24" I reckon you'll need some meaty forearms and a well padded rucksack - don't think I'd want to be carting that all over the place!