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Acer officially introduces AMD-powered Aspire One 522 netbook

by Parm Mann on 7 January 2011, 13:11

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For the first time in a while, the annual CES trade show isn't brimming with Intel Atom-powered netbooks. Instead, we're seeing a healthy dose of competition powered by AMD's Fusion.

Not one to miss out, Acer has confirmed earlier rumours by revealing that its AMD-powered HD netbook - the Aspire One 522 - will be launched in the second quarter of 2011.

The 10.1in ultra-portable retains the existing Aspire One aesthetics and will be available in a choice of Diamond Black or Green colour schemes, but it's all change under the hood.

As an alternative to the numerous Intel Atom options available, this little number will utilise AMD's Brazos platform and sports a Fusion C-50 APU - a dual-core 1GHz chip with integrated Radeon HD 6250 graphics. The DX11 GPU should make light work of outputting high-def media on the netbook's 10.1in 1,280x720 display, and the APU's 9W TDP should bode well for battery life.

In keeping with the traditional netbook formula, the Aspire One 522 will be available with 1GB or 2GB of memory, up to 250GB of hard-disk storage, an integrated webcam, three USB ports, Ethernet and a multi-card reader. The AMD graphics will facilitate HDMI output, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G will all be available.

We're intrigued, but we're left pondering two important points; how much will it cost, and how does it compare to the Atom-powered alternatives? Stay tuned, we're hoping to go hands-on to get the answers.

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Looks pretty good, been needing a replacement for my old aspire one for a while now. If it comes in at <Ā£300 im sold!
“The DX11 GPU should make light work of outputting high-def media on the netbook's 10.1in 1,280x720 display”

Is it really a 1280x720 display, or is it a 720p display from which we may infer that its resolutions is in fact 1366x768?
Some c-50 tests put it close to the dual core N550 Atom in cpu synthetics (it's a mile ahead in graphics as you might have guessed). Remember though that in single core loads Brazos will handily beat atom due to it's OoO architecture.


AMD also says the C-50 can loop 3dmark06 for 6 1/2 hours non stop, but I lost that link.
My FireFox bookmarks are becoming too big, but I had to save this page…

Crazytom, I agree with you about the price.

Jedibeeftrix, I hope this isn't that strange resolution, either! 1366 is 683 x 2, IE not a multiple of 16. Bit weird…

I think the reasoning goes:
  • Not going below 768 “lines” is useful for older programs that need that resolution.
  • 768 / 9 x 16 is 1365.3 (1dp), or 1366 rounded up.

Even so, why not just make it 1280 * 800 for a 16:10 ratio instead?

Whilst 16:9 films unfortunately get a few black lines, you do get that bit of extra scrolling height in your browser. I'd happily “sacrifice” the black bars for more FireFox. :)

(Same also goes for 24" monitors, manufacturers!!) :-|