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Intel to produce mobile Nehalem chips in second half of 2009

by Parm Mann on 20 October 2008, 16:26

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Intel continued to push its ultra-mobile technology with a demo of its Moorestown platform earlier today, but it also revealed an interesting development for the high-end notebook market.

According to reports, Intel claims that the mobile derivative of Nehalem, codenamed Clarksfield, will "be in production beginning in the second half of 2009".

Nehalem, as you're no doubt aware, will debut its next-generation architecture in desktop form in just a matter of weeks. The architecture promises Core 2 and Phenom-beating performance and will later be rolled out into server and mobile solutions.

On the mobile front, Nehalem is expected to first debut under the codename of Clarksfield, as part of the Calpella platform. Although unconfirmed, Calpella is likely to make its appearance as Intel's Centrino 3 - successor to the recently-launched Montevina-based Centrino 2.

Should the scheduled production take place, we could see Centrino 3 notebooks before the end of 2009, and they'll provide a stark contrast to the low-cost netbooks that Intel has recently been pushing as the next big thing.

Centrino 3 machines are likely to feature an eight-thread-capable mobile Nehalem CPU, providing what should be some of the fastest-performance mainstream notebooks to date.

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