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Fujitsu announces 5.6in Atom-powered netbook

by Parm Mann on 22 August 2008, 10:00

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Fujitsu will soon be adding a new portable to the Japanese market in the form of the LifeBook FMV Biblo U/B50.

This not-too-eloquently titled machine is something of an eye-catcher. It features a relatively small 5.6in display, and isn't therefore, likely to be classed as a netbook. It's also a little too large to be a mobile internet device, we feel. So, we're giving Fujitsu the benefit of the doubt and creating a whole new category, we're calling this one a sub-netbook.

Despite it's diminutive proportions (171mm x 135mm x 26.5mm), the LifeBook FMV Biblo U/B50 isn't lacking features. The 5.6in display boasts a 1280x800 resolution, and there's an integrated webcam, too.

It'll be powered by Intel's 1.6GHz Atom Z530 - yep, that's of the MID-orientated Silverthorne variety, not the Diamondville found in your usual netbook.

The sub-netbook has just 1GB of RAM, but Fujitsu has deemed it sufficient enough to run its operating system of choice, Windows Vista. We've got our doubts, and a sluggish OS could be the LifeBook's Achilles' heel.

Windows Vista aside, as the ideal internet-on-the-go device, it has connectivity covered. There's built in 802.11n Wi-Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth, too. Storage options come in the form of 60GB, 100GB or 120GB hard-disk drives, or a 64GB solid-state alternative. Oh, and that front-facing HDMI port you see is for hooking this little 'un up to a big screen.

Want one? Find a Japanese retailer and expect to pay ¥123,800 for the 60GB model - that's just over £600. Ouch.

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Looks like its a tablet to me?
Very nice but too many £££ for me, will probably swap out my wind in a years time so am interested in what comes to market.
Reminds me of the last of the Sharp Zaurus range. Unfortunately, my wallet isn't that well fed.
Three words: Wow. How? Now!

(Wow: Self explanatory, How did they do it? Now! I want one NOW I said!)
We've got our doubts, and a sluggish OS could be the LifeBook's Achilles' heel.
Or that really fragile looking hinge in the middle. That screen really doesn't look stable there.