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Fujitsu forced to recall batteries due to overheating risk

by Sylvie Barak on 17 December 2009, 10:16

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Getting hot and bothered

The problem with battery troubles is they just keep going and going, with Fujitsu becoming the latest firm to face battery overheating issues.

The company is recalling batteries from what could be tens of thousands of laptops hailing from Fujitsu's Amilo P line-up and sold between April 2007 and June 2009.

The lithium-ion batteries seem to be in danger of overheating and possibly bursting into flames, although the company is quick to say no reports of spontaneous combustion have yet been received.

Just in case, however, Fujitsu is calling on all owners of AMILO Pa2510, Pi2512 and Pi2515 laptops to get in touch with its recently implemented battery-replacement programme to get free, less combustible, new batteries instead.

The firm is also urging users to take out the potentially faulty batteries in the meanwhile and plug their laptops into wall sockets instead for the time being.

Some 52,000 batteries are thought to be affected. AMILO, AMILO Pro and LIFEBOOK batteries are not affected, says the firm.

Fujitsu can take comfort in the fact it isn't alone in the recall department. Packard Bell recently announced a similar recall, while Sony had to recall 69,000 of its Vaio adapters last month due to a risk of electrocution. HP was forced to recall 70,000 notebook batteries back in May, also due to overheating issues, but it's not clear to what extent these recalls have a common root.

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