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Nvidia GTX TITAN P to debut at Gamescom, Cologne in August?

by Mark Tyson on 5 July 2016, 13:31


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According to a report published by VRWorld earlier today a GP100 GPU based Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan will be officially unveiled at Gamescom, Cologne (17-21 August). The report writer, Theo Valich, claims to have had a "hands on" session with the upcoming GTX TITAN P (P for Pascal).

The Nvidia GTX TITAN P uses the same GPU found on the Tesla P100 for PCIe accelerator, which we saw launched in late June. As such we know quite a few details about the core hardware and VRWorld has filled in with information about the graphics card that will be designed around the GP100.

There will be two variants of the GTX TITAN P with differing memory sizes and memory bus widths. Both of the cards use HBM2 memory but a 12GB version will have a 3072-bit bus, with the 16GB version using a 4096-bit memory bus. Boards will have 8+8-pin or 8+6-pin power connector configuration, it seems like the decision is yet to be made. In a pictured example published by VRWorld, see below, we see a 8+6-pin sample which would allow up to a 300W TDP.

Nvidia's goal is to produce a TITAN P with "at least 50% higher performance than GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition," according to the report sources. The new TITAN P will be a foot long (30cm) and, on the sample seen, lacked any DVI connectors.

Gamecom runs from 17th August but before that time we should expect Nvidia to launch an updated range of Quadro-branded products.

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I will buy one after the 1080…
Smells pricey to me(16Gb could be 1000 pounds),but let's hope it would be worthy concerning price tag-performance ratio. :)
If these are debuted in August, how soon after will Nvidia take my money?
Can't quite figure out the last 2 Titans. The Ti usually comes out a few months after and beats it for a far cheaper price…
Titan's aren't meant to be gaming cards though - they're meant to be cheap computing cards - basically a consumer-grade Tesla. Look at the FP64 compute on them - it's generally much higher than on the X80 Ti cards. My understanding is that enabling the higher FP64 rate makes it less efficient for the lower-precision flops, which is why the X80 Ti will usually beat it for gaming.

My understanding was that GP100 was too heavily FP64 focussed to make a decent gaming card out of, and that's why there's a rumoured GP102 which will be a gaming-focussed HBM2 card of similar performance but without all the heavy compute stuff reducing the efficiency. A GP100 Titan card might mean that GP102 would be fabbed specifically for the 1080 Ti. That'd be a turn up…