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Photo shows Nvidia Pascal GP104-400 GPU with GDDR5X

by Mark Tyson on 25 April 2016, 09:31


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A picture of what is thought to be the PCB of an upcoming MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming graphics card has been published on the internet this weekend. A close-up of the circuit board showing the Nvidia GPU and surrounding memory chips is, for a change, excellently clear and detailed, providing evidence of the key components at the heart of the upcoming GTX 1080 (Ti) graphics cards.

The TSMC fabricated 16nm GP104-400 can be seen clearly above. This is the chip that, we discovered in previous leaks, will power GTX 1080 graphics cards, as one of a trio of SKUs. Ahead of the weekend we saw another GPU, the GP104-200, pictured below. We think the GPU104-200 GPU has a number of SM units disabled and will be behind a replacement for the GTX 980 non-Ti version.

Moving on to the graphics memory, the GP104-400 based graphics card is seen to use Micron 6GA77 79TXT modules, a product not yet listed on Micron’s web pages. From PCB measurements and other factors WCCF Tech asserts that these are GDDR5X memory chips. Meanwhile the DRAM accompanying the GP104-200 GPU in the other picture is of the standard GDDR5 variety. You will remember that GDDR5X offers as much as twice the bandwidth as its predecessor.

The image leakers have kindly also supplied images of these GPUs from which you can make a good estimates of the package sizes. As you can see above, Nvidia’s TSMC FinFET GPUs measure about 37.5mm square, or 317mm2. They are expected to pack in approximately 8 billion transistors.

Can Nvidia repeat the success of Maxwell with these Pascal GPUs?

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I think it makes sense for nVidia to integrate the G5X memory since, from what I gather in reports previously, it's inexpensive to integrate them without any or all significant changes to the PCB itself for greatly improved bandwidth. Still, real world usage will hopefully reveal just how much of an improvement we'll be receiving this time around. Either way patience might pay off if or when a Ti cards come up later and I'd say it will very much be worth the wait
From what I read elsewhere, GDDR5X has a completely different pinout to GDDR5, meaning a different PCB layout.

I wonder if the GP104-400/GDDR5X will be the GTX1080, and the GP104-200/GDDR5 being the GTX1070?
This may mean that Nvidia are saving the Ti suffix for a later 16GB HBM2 version.
It does not seem to match any of the known GDDR5X chips from I read on another forum.
It does not seem to match any of the known GDDR5X chips from I read on another forum.

The serial numbers on the RAM don't seem to match any known serial numbers so one things for sure, it's new. :)
The serial numbers on the RAM don't seem to match any known serial numbers so one things for sure, it's new. :)

Someone on another forum actually found the numbers for the GDDR5X which has been spotted,and those are the ones which are probably in low scale production. After all micron states full scale GDDR5X production will commence mid 2016:


Here are the samples Micron are shipping from last month:


The first GDDR5X memory chips from Micron are marked as MT58K256M32JA, feature 8 Gb (1GB) capacity, and are rated to run at 10 Gb/s, 11 Gb/s and 12 Gb/s in quad data rate (QDR) mode with 16n prefetch. The chips use 1.35 V supply and I/O voltage as well as 1.8 V pump voltage (Vpp). Micron’s GDDR5X memory devices sport 32-bit interfaces and come in 190-ball BGA packages with 14×10 mm dimensions. As reported, the GDDR5X DRAMs are manufactured using 20 nm process technology, which Micron has been using for over a year now.