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Nvidia Quadro M6000 updated with 24GB GDDR5

by Mark Tyson on 23 March 2016, 10:31


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Nvidia's top end professional graphics card, the Quadro M6000 was launched a little over a year ago. It packed a fully enabled Maxwell GM200 GPU and brought that power to the pro graphics market. Now Nvidia has refreshed the Quadro M6000 with a 24GB GDDR5 version.

Basically the new Quadro M6000 card brings double the graphics RAM capacity to the model released a year ago. Aside from this memory increase all the other specs of the M6000 appear to be identical to last year's model, it offers:

  • Maxwell GM200 GPU (28nm)
  • 3072 CUDA cores, 192 texture units, and 96 ROPs
  • GPU core clocked at up to 1140MHz
  • The doubled up memory of 24GB GDDR5 is still clocked at the same speed, providing 6.6Gbps throughput via a 384-bit bus
  • 250W TDP

There are other under-the-hood improvements that arrive with this year's model which may well be from a new firmware – hopefully these benefits will be passed on to owners of the older cards – including new temperature and clock speed management options.

As commented upon by AnandTech, the new card will be eagerly adopted by certain segment of the pro graphics market where more VRAM is highly desirable. You can see Sony Pictures Imageworks quoted (above) as being particularly happy with the Nvidia Quadro M6000 24GB for its complex scene animation works. Meanwhile AMD's highest capacity pro graphics card is the FirePro W9100 with 16GB of graphics RAM.

The new Nvidia Quadro card is a direct replacement for the 12GB model and will be priced at the same round figure, $5000.

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So…. can I play Crysis with this, then? :lol:
“10x performance boost”

What were they using before? Intel HD graphics?
Not sure if you really want Sony Pictures to promote your product these days <_<
“10x performance boost”

What were they using before? Intel HD graphics?
obviously not worked with realtime 3D… basically they can now access more of the file from gpu memory rather than system ram and page files. Having more GPU memory can make a HUGE difference to performance because it allows more of the scene to be natively stored on the gpu and as such can process the data faster.

In regards to the card…. the fact they can keep the price the same as the old 12GB version just shows the stupidly high markup that these get over the titan x which was basically the same card at 12GB. DO I like the idea of a gpu with 24GB memory, you bet I do but I'm not sure I actually need it lol
“10x performance boost”

What were they using before? Intel HD graphics?

Probably a TI calculator…