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Nvidia Quadro M5000 and M4000 graphics cards expected in Aug

by Mark Tyson on 29 June 2015, 10:06


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Nvidia appears to be readying new members of its professional Quadro range of graphics cards in time for SIGGRAPH 2015. The latest Nvidia graphics driver for the Quadro range of graphics cards includes a telltale text string revealing Nvidia's intentions, reports VideoCardz.

The new driver adds support for:

NVIDIA_DEV.13F0.1152.103C = "NVIDIA Quadro M5000"

NVIDIA_DEV.13F1.1153.103C = "NVIDIA Quadro M4000"


At the SIGGRAPH event last year Nvidia revealed details of the Quadro Kxx2. With SIGGRAPH 2015 scheduled to start on 9th August (runs until 13th Aug, takes place in downtown LA) it looks like the latest Quadro graphics cards will be also launched at this commercial graphics conference and exhibition.

While there are not any details of substance revealed within the driver text strings, it is predicted that the newest members of the Quadro professional graphics range will be based upon the Maxwell architecture GM204GL graphics processor. It's a 256-bit GPU so 4GB or 8GB frame buffer versions should be released.

Accompanying the new Quadro cards will be the Tesla M60, according to the latest Nvidia .INF file. This GPU based general purpose computing product is expected to be based upon a fully fledged GM204 GPU with 8GB of GDDR5 memory.

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I hate how cloudy is the info on the performance of those cards.

I would love to see more reviews on the pro GPU side
it's pretty easy really, the m5000 will likely be a slightly lower clocked gtx980, maybe a gtx980ti if lucky, the m4000 probably a slightly lower clocked gtx970 although they may push the boat out on 980. The m6000 is a slightly lower clocked titan x with ecc memory. Both with ecc instead of normal gddr5 and a price roughly 4-5x the usual gtx price :)

In games they will perform the same or slightly worse than their gtx counterparts and in 3D programs you may see a slight improvement due to better driver support.
last time I checked I have seen specific application to skyrocket with those cards, so this is my question and this is what I want to see from reviews.

Which applications can benefit and if I need to care about a gpu like that, considering the applications I use.
that was likely double floating point calculations, the K series (keplar) had this fully unlocked in quadro versus 1/32 iirc in the desktop cards (except original titan, that was fully unlocked too).

The M series doesn't have space for this (even nvidia says it's better to use K series for dp calcs) meaning the m quadro and maxwell gtx are pretty much identical apart from eec ram, clock speeds and maybe a better quality binned gpu.

In programs like iray where the gpu is used to render imagery the performance of a titan x is actually higher than a m6000, Link, this is down to only requiring single point precision. The increased clock speed makes that small difference in results, otherwise like I say they're identical except eec ram and maybe quality of gpu chip.