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Nvidia to reveal range-topping GM200 at GTC in March

by Ryan Martin on 23 January 2015, 15:00


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News about Nvidia's GM200 high-performance Maxwell GPU has surfaced a few times this month already. Firstly, the GPU was pictured on a graphics card rumoured to be either a GTX Titan X or Quadro M6000. That was followed by information about alleged pricing for the first consumer-grade GM200 graphics card, the GTX Titan X, which is expected to retail for a staggering $1,350.

The latest information concerns the potential release date of the first GM200 GPU. The usually-reliable Sweclockers point towards Nvidia's GPU technology conference (GTC) in March as being the springboard for the launch of the company's latest Maxwell GPU offering, according to their sources.

The Nvidia GTC event is held between March 17th and 20th in San Jose, California. The event should mark the release of the new GM200-based Quadro M6000 but deep-walleted prosumers can expect the GTX Titan X to follow shortly after the event.

If Nvidia's past trajectories are anything to go by the GM200 should trickle down into the top end GTX series cards this year too, although, the GM204 already occupies the 'top slot' of the GTX 900 series so a GM200 based GTX series card may well be post-GTX 900 series in nature.

Current knowledge of the specifications of the GM200 is still based primarily on a recent GPU-Z, pictured above. This source suggests the full-fat GM200 GPU has 3072 CUDA cores, a 384 bit memory interface and support for up to 12GB of GDDR5 memory. Diligent photo analysis of the leaked GPU die suggests the GM200 is a hefty 632mm^2 in size making it one of the largest GPU dies ever produced, likely limited by the maximum capability of TSMC's 28nm process node.

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Ready for a upgrade in my HTPC! This will be the perfect addition making 4k gaming actually possible!
I doubt it'll be post 900, more likely a 980Ti
It would be interesting if Nvidia pulled the same semi generational leap like they did with GTX 680 and 700-series GTX Titan, trickling down later to both GTX 780 and its Ti variant. No practical relevance on this observation, of course.
Whats the TDP?. If it's worse than Kaveri it's doomed! :)
If it's the quadro can't seeing it costing less than the current K6000…. so that would be around £4000…. yeah I'll have 2 :)

The K6000 has a tdp of 225W so I doubt it will be much higher if at all, this is a ‘server’ and workstation gpu after all.

Hopefully this will give me an idea of titan performance or even better they'll release that too :)