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Two world records smashed at Gigabyte Retro OC Contest

by Mark Tyson on 23 January 2014, 16:00

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Leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphic cards, Gigabyte, wrote to us today telling us breathlessly about seeing two world record 3DMark benchmark scores broken. Both the record breakers utilised the Gigabyte Z78X-OC motherboard at the Gigabyte Retro OC Contest during the recent CES Las Vegas.

The 2014 Retro OC Event was held at Caesar's Palace during this year's CES and attracted "some of the world's best overclocking talent," from around the world, competing against one another with the aim of attaining the highest score in 3DMark01 through to 06. Processors, memory, SSDs and power supplies were provided by co-sponsors Intel, G.SKILL and Enermax alongside Gigabyte's own motherboards and graphics cards.

Overclockers 8 Pack and Vivi set new records for 3DMark03 and 3DMark06 respectively. Gigabyte informs us that 8 Pack, from the UK, achieved his astonishing score of 293,261 in 3DMark03 by using three liquid-cooled Radeon HD 7970 running at 1,350/1,650MHz.

Second placed overall contestant Vivi, from South Africa, achieved her 56,429 points 3DMark06 score using a liquid nitrogen-cooled GeForce GTX 780 Ti running at 1,570/1,925MHz.

The complete list of Retro OC Winners is as follows:

1st Place - $500 – 8 Pack
2nd Place - $400 – Vivi
3rd Place - $300 – Xtreme Addict
4th Place - $200 – littleboy
5th Place - $100 – laoshu1919

Gigabyte also held a Retro photo contest on Facebook where fans were invited to submit photos of their 'Retro' looking self whilst holding a Gigabyte motherboard. Contest winner Charles Terell was awarded a GIGABYTE Z78X-UD7 TH motherboard. If you are interested in viewing all the dodgy submissions of this contest you can do so here.

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$500 top prize, very generous of gigabyte that.
It annoys me to see girls in these kinds of events. They are just there for the eye candy!
It annoys me to see girls in these kinds of events. They are just there for the eye candy!
So girls aren't allowed to be hardware enthusiasts too? A lot of the time there are girls there, normally representing companies, who are just there for the eye candy. However, I have seen a fair few at events that are there competing.
the winner gets no pic, but the 2nd place chick gets hers. Hmmm puzzling. Why on earth would they do that. And who's the poor guy in the background all alone?
Oh dear… The over-PC brigade is out in force, I see.

8 Pack was the winner, yes, but using 3 water-cooled 7970s. So, basically, be brought a pre-assembled setup that basically sat there doing very little, and looked different, but not especially flashy. Second-placed Vivi busted out the liquid nitrogen - something that us PC enthusiasts get a little giddy over. She's not just clicking “Increase clocks 5%” followed by “Run 3DMark”, over and over again. This is as close to a real action shot of the competition as you're likely to get without a motherboard exploding.