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Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Black Edition pictured

by Mark Tyson on 26 November 2013, 12:00


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Two images of an Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan graphics card featuring a matt black cooling shroud have recently been distributed on a Chinese computer enthusiast internet forum (via VideoCardz). The video card’s matt black finishing quality looks professional and it is now leading to speculation that these are the first pictures of a Titan refresh.

While the Nvidia Titan has lost its single-GPU graphics card crown in terms of gaming, to the GeForce GTX 780 Ti and AMD R9 290X, it is still the double-precision floating point GPGPU performance king. However this might not be good enough for Nvidia and before its hand was forced to conjure up the GeForce GTX 780 Ti there were many rumours floating around concerning a Black Edition GTX Titan graphics card.

These new pictures have brought the GTX Titan Black (or Ultra) Edition speculation back up to the boil. Some sites, such as HardwareLuxx have even compiled a projected spec list for the GeForce GTX Titan Black Edition. Key predictions include the use of two 8-pin connectors to take in up to 375 watts and higher clock rates for both the GK110 GPU cores and the GDDR5 memory (with up to 12GB of memory on board).

Right now it’s difficult what to know is true; prototype or paint-job. The best evidence of the continued development of the Nvidia GTX Titan range comes from Softpedia’s article discussing these new images. The Softpedia reporter says that he was tipped back in September, at a closed door meeting with Nvidia reps during IFA2013, that “we know reviewers will say it's awesome but too expensive, but we expect that because those 1-2% who the card is aimed at will buy it anyway, because money is just no issue for them”.

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the current nvidia reference coolers look so damn nice
but in black?
that's just porn…
Don't see if myself. Unless they want to refresh it to get a full GK110 with the higher DP performance for GPGPU work out there (and no doubt charge $999 for the privilege, if not more), it seems pointless. They can't manufacture a graphics card that'll be faster than 780 Ti in gaming. And tbh I don't see why they'd release a full GK110 for compute that wasn't used for a professional card (unless they end up with some binned parts that can't handle ECC memory? Or have another flaw that would prevent them from being used for either professional cards *or* 780 Ti?) But can't see it personally….
I'd seen some ‘rumours’ of a black version of the 780ti…. I suppose it's possible that Nvidia are doing a ‘special edition’ of the titan too…. would be nice for it to be 12gb and full shaders, that would make the likely £1000 price tag acceptable in my opinion.

NOTE: I wouldn't want it for gaming but as a cheap alternative to a tesla k20x (costs a LOT more than a titan) which would be good for 3d rendering/encoding etc :)
Don't see if myself.
I see your point, but personally it's from a totally non-technical point of view. When the cost goes north of 500 quid, I'm just not interested. I'm obviously not in nVidia's 1-2% target market.