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Sapphire demos Radeon HD 7990 Atomic card

by Tarinder Sandhu on 4 June 2013, 13:00

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Who has the world's fastest graphics card? AMD will claim it is the Radeon HD 7990, Nvidia will doubtless push out benchmarks in favour of the also-dual-GPU GeForce GTX 690, while partners such as ASUS will draw your attention to the custom-designed ARES II.

Now it's the turn of Sapphire to turn up the heat - pun intended? - and tip its ring into this debate open to those with truly deep pockets.

You see, while Sapphire has a reference Radeon HD 7990 based on AMD's latest design, it has been cooking up a fully-custom board in the skunkworks. The six-output HD 7990 Atomic 6GB card uses an enclosed liquid-cooling system as found on the ARES II but is presented in a much sleeker form factor than ASUS's offering.

We grabbed Sapphire's global PR director, Bill Donnelly, and encouraged him to whet enthusiast appetites by spilling a few more details about the card.


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It must be noted that the at-show card is a very early sample and Sapphire will refine the tubing, pump and reservoir before limited-run production in a few months. Sapphire declined to discuss frequencies yet indicated that it would certainly be the fastest HD 7990 around.

When pushed on price, Bill relayed that the card package - GPU, pre-fitted waterblock, tubing, two-in one reservoir and pump - would likely cost around £1,000. You had better start saving if you're a fan of AMD graphics!

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Please please please make that a competition prize!?!? :D
Please please please make that a competition prize!?!? :D
Wow that sounds nice and from what I can see (please correct if wrong!) it looks like the gpu block is using standard fittings which means you could easily just disconnect their setup and add in a superior loop if you have it.

Wish most manufacturers would start releasing cards with built in blocks as it would save alot of hassle :P.
Take my money, take it now!!!!