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Hostility between ATi and NVIDIA staff starts to become physical

by Nick Haywood on 12 March 2006, 11:57


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It'll end in tears...

HEXUS.CEBIT The 'Münchner Halle', which is a large beer house within the CeBIT Messe, is where NVIDIA traditionally holds its good natured 'partner' and press parties, and for as long back as I can remember, a really good time is had by all, and in the main without ugly incident.

But late last night eyewitnesses saw months of increasingly ill blood between core personnel from ATi and NVIDIA, erupt into what seemed set to become a physical confrontation.

As is often the case, at the centre of such alcohol fuelled loutish behaviour, was an attractive girl...

Probably the real background to all of this has been the increasing number of guerilla marketing antics and outrageous 'sales messaging' documents launched into the email in-boxes of an ever more weary IT press, and which these combatants (ATi and NVIDIA) are attempting to use to influence the press, and in turn, your buying decisions.

The scene seems to have been set when one senior ATi mischief maker (who, like one of its previous marketing directors the night before), probably shouldn't have really been anywhere near the NVIDIA party) went out of his way to try and engage with an NVIDIA girl in more than just idle and polite chatter.

When his opposite number at NVIDIA seemed to decide that there may be some strategic motives against NVIDIA'S interests behind the situation, matters became increasingly tense, and NVIDIA people followed ATi staff outside the Munchner Halle, and its reported that both camps effectively squared up to each other.

HEXUS has learnt the names of many of the ATi and NVIDIA personnel involved, but as ATi people eventually backed down from one of the fiery little NVIDIA aggressors, or perhaps decided that discretion was the better part of valour before fists were thrown, we're presently thinking we'll keep schtum.

This isn't the first high-tension incident where the ingredients have been alcohol, ATi and NVIDIA – apparently one evening drinking session at Hannover's 'Irish Bar' during last year's CeBIT, saw a most ungallant face from the UK IT channel hurl profane abuse at one of NVIDIA's very senior female staff members, but ironically it was reported that it was an ATi representative that stood forward to intercede and protect her honour.

C'mon guys, it's only graphic chips...


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hehe fisticuffs. i mean theres taking your job seriously, but this? what a load of silly sausages. :rolleyes:
Oooh, “alcohol was involved”. The fatal phrase!

Did they dance fight? Did Maria/Juliet go home with her family or the ATI bad-boy? :mrgreen:
Not the first time I've seen fisticuffs at an event like that, it's usually down to too much alcohol and the competitive environment they're in, and things just get out of hand..
Doesn't supprise me tbh - they are very close rivals. Something was bound to happen sooner or later…