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NVIDIA excited about Crysis 2; demos it running smoothly on Alienware laptop

by Tarinder Sandhu on 1 March 2011, 23:52


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NVIDIA has plenty of reasons to be smiling at the start of 2011. The firm's gaming GPUs are finally realising their potential, the Tegra side of the business is really picking up, and there's a clear, logical roadmap in place for the next few years.

Coming back to today, NVIDIA provided a glimpse into some unnamed products at its booth at the CeBIT trade show. While we can't talk about an upcoming high-end card that is the GTX 590 - NVIDIA promised to hunt us down and do, well, nasty things to us if we did - the firm had some rather move accessible news on just how well its GPUs will play Crysis 2.

The eagerly-anticipated game will ship with an underlying DX9 API on March 25, with the DX11 patch coming a while later, and it'll run just fine on a quality laptop.

NVIDIA's Ben Berraondo was on hand to show an Alienware laptop outfitted with a GeForce GTX 460M mobile graphics card run through Crysis 2 at 'Gamer' settings. What's more, it did so with GPU-bashing 3D Vision activated.

Looking smooth and lush on a laptop, maybe Crysis 2 may not be the system-killing title many had feared. Make your own minds up by watching the video, below.

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Nooo, your kidding arent you Tarinder!? No DX11 for crysis 2 until a while after? You've just made this the worst day this week :(.

Oh well, guess being able to play games on a gtx 460m is a good achievement… shame ill never be able to afford an alienware haha.
No DX11 for crysis 2 until a while after?

Oh well, I'll be delaying my purchase for a while too then.
Thats highly dissapointing its going to be based on DX9 to start with - no wonder it runs fine on a bloomin laptop!!!

Played the multiplayer demo last night and thoroughly enjoyed it though :)
this reads as “initial release of Crysis 2 will be console port, real PC version out later if we can be bothered”

the guy was even playing it using a control pad

very sad days for PC gaming
agreed andy - Theres even an option for the gamepad players for “Auto-Aim” - LOL!

If this game seriously is based on DX9 - I don't think I'm gunna buy it - only been waiting like 2 years for it! Ah well, MAybe Battlefield 3 will be better as the PC is supposed to be the lead platform