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NVIDIA launches web-based 3D Vision library

by Parm Mann on 5 January 2011, 10:29


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It's been a little quiet on the GeForce front so far at CES 2011, but NVIDIA is introducing something new for its 3D Vision customers: a website.

3DVisionLive.com, launched this week in beta form, is the GPU giant's attempt at an "online 3D Vision community" that makes a library of 3D content readily-available via the web.

The site already features a generous selection of 3D photos and videos - all of which can be viewed in stereoscopic 3D on compatible hardware - and NVIDIA's calling on the community to help the library grow.

The photo and video libraries, powered by Phereo and Fordela, respectively, allow users to upload and share images with the community, as well as rate photos taken by others. We don't imagine Flickr will be shaking in its boots, but for anyone who has ever struggled to find freely-accessible 3D content, NVIDIA's online portal could be a treat.

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great idea by nvidia - but i could only get the 3d videos working in internet explorer, unfortunately this is not my browser of choice
Is that nvidia's fault, or the web browsers' limitations?
Is that nvidia's fault, or the web browsers' limitations?

the site uses the silverlight plugin - could be down to that
Give me a 3D screen thats not based on TN technology and offers a higher res than my current 1920 x 1200 x screen and I may be interested.
Well I thought it was not going to work properly but a bit of tinkering to download the latest Beta drivers and it is now working perfectly on one of my 3D set ups The quality of the videos varies greatly and I have not viewed all of them yet but the subsea video example is excellent and resolution is as good as a 3D Blu-Ray. I suspect there are some others which are comparable waiting to be viewed.

Have had 3D now for over 6 months and found no problems viewing it in game or DVD film formats The right hardware is a big part of getting the quality needed. I am running it on a Core2 Quad8400 CPU , a 1GB 460GTX GPU and the excellent Acer GD245HD monitor.You can't compare with the cinema's 3D as in ‘Avatar’ but it is pretty good and quite addictive when the video content is worth watching. I intend to try and run it on a 3D monitor system sometime but for now it is worth the effort. Don't knock it unless you have tried it in a good working system