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Report asserts Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti will arrive in October

by Mark Tyson on 11 September 2020, 15:01


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Nvidia has officially launched the 8nm Ampere GPU based GeForce RTX 3090 3080 and 3070 graphics cards, though the release dates are staggered over the next few weeks. However, as per previous experience, market intelligence, and surveys like the Steam Hardware Survey, its most important consumer GPUs will likely be the 'XX60' cards and lower.

It looks like Nvidia is going to follow a top-down strategy, tempting and milking flush enthusiasts and gamers with premium offerings first, while patient and thrifty folk will be tested by the wait for lower tier models. This looks set to continue in a granular fashion as VideoCardz reports that the next card in line is the RTX 3060 Ti.

Many were expecting the vanilla RTX 3060 to appear next but not according to VideoCardz's AIB insider sources. It is claimed that the Ti model is replacing any rumoured RTX 3060 Super, so perhaps the Super suffix won't be revived this generation, or at least it will wait for the refresh in a year's time.

So, what have the sources revealed about the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti? This card is said to come packing the same GA104 GPU as the RTX 3070, but with a few snips here and there. More specifically the key specs of the purported RTX 3060 Ti are; 4,864 CUDA cores, 152 Tensor Cores, 38 RT cores, 8GB of GDDR6 on a 256-bit bus, and a TDP of between 180 and 200W. These stats aren't very far behind the RTX 3070, as I suppose befits a Ti model sitting just below it.

The AIB sources whispering in VideoCardz's ear could only speak of their factory overclocked models as far as specs go. It is said that none will sport more than a single 8-pin power connector.

Last but not least, the report says that the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti will arrive in the second half of October. Pricing will be key, and perhaps the core spec and other supporting component choices will mean that this SKU could be as much as $100 cheaper than the RTX 3070.

In other GeForce news, Nvidia has released the GeForce RTX 30 Series Community Kit. You can find a direct link to download the wallpapers, overlays, screenshots and more (>400mb) via the Nvidia Blog.

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3060 in October as well eh, should be an interesting month with AMD dropping stuff then as well..
With the 3070 being as fast as a 2080 then will the 3060 be as fast as the 2070 I wonder, would make it a very interesting card..
A few 3080 and 3090 cards have been listed here ( at proshop )
The most expensive one is a Gigabyte geforce RTX 3080 Aorus master costing 869 GBP ( unknown delivery date )
The cheapest one are the Inno3D Geforce RTX Twin X2 OC costing 702 GBP ( expected on the shelves on October 10 )

Cheapest 3090 card is the MSI Geforce RTX ventus 3X, costing 1554 GBP ( unknown delivery date )
Most expensive one is the Gigabyte Geforce RTX aorous extreme, costing 1777 GBP ( unknown delivery date )

Some 3090 claim delivery date 24 - 29 September ( asus / MSI )

Of course no sane person would buy his hardware more expensive in Denmark.
Trig;304]3060 in October as well eh, should be an interesting month with AMD dropping stuff then as well..
With the 3070 being as fast as a 2080 then will the 3060 be as fast as the 2070 I wonder, would make it a very interesting card..

3070 “supposedly” as fast as a 2080ti,according to NVIDIA… so take it with a large pinch of salt (EG. under what circumstances etc. etc.)!.

PS. Quote from Jensen Huang:
“Nvidia boasted that the 3070 is actually faster than the best RTX card the company currently sells, the RTX 2080 Ti”
There is zero chance of me buying a new card, ever since buying a 690 for £650 only to boot to a black screen. Nope. Drivers weren't ready. Sent straight back.

Since then it's been eBay all the way. Looking forward to upgrading to a 2060 (ish) from a 1660 (not ti).

For me it's ALL about the minimum frames as there's not point in having 4,000fps, with dips to under 60.
Am in Denmark and the 3090 look real appealing… and I am sane too… when I upgrade my system around same time next year, then we will see if it would be full Team red or be having some green in it… not that it matter I look for the best in the margain of things I want when I upgrade… as for buying the stuff now, well honestly no reason to as my system is is still pci3.0