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Matrox partners with Nvidia for video wall applications

by Mark Tyson on 23 January 2020, 11:11


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Matrox has partnered with Nvidia to create a solution which will deliver "a new standard of high-density video walls". The new Matrox branded multi-display graphics cards will utilise custom-built Quadro embedded GPUs for rich graphics-intensive video wall applications in commercial and 24/7 critical environments.

In a press release, Matrox says that the new graphics cards will be single slot designs, capable of running up to four 4K displays (per card). OEMs, system integrators, and AV installers can combine multiple cards to drive up to 16 displays from one system. Furthermore, HDCP is supported so that the installations can playback protected content.

Another vital piece of the solution is Matrox PowerDesk desktop management software, which is called a "field-proven" and robust solution. PowerDesk provides a comprehensive set of advanced tools to easily configure and customize multi-display setups.

Matrox's EVP of R&D David Chiappini said that the collaboration with Nvidia for this project showed his firm's commitment to expanding its video wall portfolio. Chiappini asserted that new customers will continue to benefit from Matrox's "graphics expertise, world-class engineering, dedicated technical support, and long product life cycles," with this and other upcoming products. Nvidia recognises Matrox's leadership in this market and crowed about its own graphics architecture's "exceptional video playback performance, reliability, and longevity".

The last time we reported upon developments at Matrox was back in 2016 when it released the C900 graphics card (AMD GPU) which could power 9x FHD 60Hz (mini HDMI) displays from a single slot.

Thanks to the anonymous HEXUS reader for the tip.

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Thats a name I haven't heard since the Voodoo days….
wow… you're right… G400 anyone?
Matrox, a name from past indeed, they have something going on with HPE as the onboard GPU on some of their servers is a Matrox part.
Hehe yeah i too had the Matrox millennium & voodoo back in the day :-)
Didn't 3DFX make Voodoo?