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Nvidia enhances the Justice MMO with RTX and DLSS

by Mark Tyson on 21 November 2018, 11:01


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Nvidia continues to beaver away alongside developers to implement special features to make the most of its Turing GPU based graphics cards. The two most popular graphics features enabled by Turing are the dazzling 'RTX On' enhancements with real-time raytracing, and the smarter AA tech dubbed DLSS (short for Deep Learning Super Sampling). A few hours ago Nvidia revealed that gamers would see both those technologies applied to the popular Chinese MMO called Justice.

The video above shows a wide range of scenes where RTX is turned on and off and DLSS is applied. For me, the Justice environment and slower paced gameplay will mean that real-time raytracing will be more worthwhile (compared to its application in FPS and racing titles). The video demonstrates a wide visual gap between RTX On and Off, especially with regard to shiny, glossy, translucent and similar materials - like armour, weapons, lanterns, puddles, rivers, canals, and many more game elements. Overall we are presented with a "gorgeous recreation of ancient China".

Interestingly, Justice will be the first game to include real-time ray-traced caustic effects. Nvidia explains that "caustics are light rays re-focused or scattered after hitting reflective or refractive surfaces, which in turn create a new light source that can illuminate the surroundings and cast shadows." As well as the video shared above, the Nvidia GeForce blog includes some interactive slider comparison images so you can really get a good grip on the differences.

Battlefield V with GeForce RTX graphics card bundle

As the first shipping AAA game with real-time raytracing, Battlefield V has become an important IP for Nvidia to co-promote with EA. Yesterday the green team announced that if you buy a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, 2080 or 2070 graphics card you will be eligible for a free copy of Battlefield V for PC.

The bundle landing page here explains all you need to know and links to the T&Cs. In brief, the promo lasts until 7th January 2019, and isn't just for Founders Edition cards. We have received a press release from EVGA announcing its participation in the bundle, for example.

Battlefield V PC RTX analysis video from Digital Foundry

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Looks great, just don't fancy remortgaging the house or selling vital organs for a GPU.
Very pretty but the real world is a lot less glossy. Maybe ‘grubby-fying’ tech is needed to properly render truer environments… ;-)
Too expensive and from what i hear could die too.

Is it just me getting bored of over hyped and expensive reviews?