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EVGA to launch best-ever GeForce 8800 GT?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 9 January 2008, 15:50

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The NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MiB SKU broke new ground with respect to price-to-performance at the ~£175 mark when released a couple of months ago, we mused.

The problem for NVIDIA's range of partners, and there are many, is how to differentiate your product from everyone else's and get away from the me-too mentality that's all too rife with the smaller AIBs.

Thinking along those lines, EVGA will be launching a new 'GT model with a double-height cooler whose fan is reckoned to be much quieter than the reference single-slot's and also far more effective at cooing the 65nm GPU.

EVGA claims that their design knocked around 20C off under-load temperatures and also allowed the GPU to be clocked higher - 720MHz engine, in this case.

Whilst we appreciate any company that invests in reference-beating design, we can't help thinking that the street price, most likely over £200, will impinge on GeForce 8800 GTS 512's, and that's a significantly faster SKU in every respect.

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if its way less than the gts 512 then yea. but it probably wont be :D
Green PCB? Booooooo

Maybe that is just a sample though… A nice black mobo with black graphics and sound cards looks awesome imho. I'm such a geek…..
Don't care about PCB colour. But over Ā£200? Not even slightly. I'm not a fan even at the current price point, but for reasons other than the hardware, which is frankly brilliant.

Relying on the hype of the 8800GTs to make sales. A 8800GTS (512mb obviously) and HD3870 would both be better choices for the money.
GTX can be had for near £210 now so I dont see how a GT would make sense, unless I missed something and the GTs are faster now?