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Has the Nvidia Titan X Volta been leaked by a company intern?

by Mark Tyson on 24 May 2017, 13:31


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An Nvidia intern has 'leaked' what appears to be a new Titan graphics card, via a post on his Facebook page (since removed). Mike Tsai shared the image, reproduced directly below, which shows the internals of a PC system he is working on. Inside you can see an Nvidia Titan graphics card installed among the other high performance components - but take a closer look and this Titan card is a little unusual.

The forums at Oveclock.net provide some interesting comparison images which could lead to the conclusion that Tsai has shared an image of an as yet unannounced Nvidia Titan graphics card based upon a Volta GV100 or GV102 GPU - a Titan Volta.

Nvidia Tesla V100 based upon the Volta architecture GV100 GPU

If you look closely at the system internals image you will see this Titan is in the same golden livery as the Tesla V100 for PCIe. Next we move our attention to the traditional SLI connectors which are missing in the leaked image. Instead the image from the Facebook post shows what appear to be NVLink connector 'fingers' present along the top of the card.

NVLink fingers clearly visible on the Tesla P100 PCIe card

To launch such a Titan Xv or Titan Volta card so soon after the Titan Xp, itself an early surprise, might exasperate Nvidia's fat-wallet-bearing early adopters. However, the tech world never rests and Nvidia's biggest graphics processor making competitor, AMD, is readying to fire salvo upon salvo of high-end HBM2 packing Vega graphics cards onto the market.

Back to the main story - please remember the intriguing picture comes from an unconfirmed source via social media. Someone might be having 'fun' with a hoax here, so take the above with a pinch of salt.

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Someone's gonna get fir-red
Think it has been ready all along, but they want to steal money off people for a year or two with their lowerend brand…

Same stuff in most businesses…
Could just be testing a new cooler…
Will there be a Titan Xv early next year?
If they're not ready to release and they want people to hold off from AMD's releases then of course this is how they do it.