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Details of KFA2 GeForce GT 1030 graphics card leak

by Mark Tyson on 2 May 2017, 12:01


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Indications are that Nvidia is lining up a new graphics card series for the low end of the AiB market. A retail box shot of a KFA2 GeForce GT 1030 graphics card has been spotted and shared by Spanish language site El Chapuzas Informatico (ECI), via TechReport.

According to the source the GeForce GT 1030 graphics card from KFA2 has the following key technical specifications:

  • GPU: 16-nm GP108-300 with 384 stream processors
  • GPU clock speed: 1,252MHz base clock, and a boost frequency of 1,506MHz
  • Memory: 2GB of GDDR5, running at 6GT/s
  • Memory Bus: 64-bit
  • Ports: HDMI 2.0b port, and a DVI port

The above single slot low profile design is said to consume just 30W at most. The KFA2 versions of the card outlined above might be overclocked compared to reference. It's probably a good decision by Nvidia to launch this card as it is replacing a rather old Fermi-based GT 730 with much newer tech. It also provides some opposition to AMD's new RX 550 sitting in a similar market position.

ECI reckons that the GT 1030 will launch sometime next month at €79.95 including VAT. It's worth noting that ECI has had a pretty good track record of leaks recently.

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These low-end cards need to be passively cooled (eg. HTPC use - NetFlix 4k for non-KabyLake) to be sensible choices. They're hardly appropriate for gaming, and with onboard graphics now so improved, it is difficult to imagine who the target market is. I suppose there's the DOTA/Rocket-whatsit crowd who don't need much oomph?

The pricing is too high for my most common supply of “lower end” cards these day - replacing damage to onboard connectors etc. That audience doesn't want to pay more than about 30ukp. I guess the other audience is non-gaming AMD Ryzen customers (no onboard), but again, cheaper and passive would seem the right fit there too.
it is difficult to imagine who the target market is. I suppose there's the DOTA/Rocket-whatsit crowd who don't need much oomph?
I think the target audience is absolutely dumb people or the people that have a mobo without onboard graphics output or cpus without embedded graphics.
also possibly to those who are using them as display adapters on big ass screens or screen sets, but that would require more outputs on cards like the trident graphics cards.
this is really not for gaming, GT series arent meant for gaming, they are low end, and dumbed down to the point where it's ridiculous to buy one.
2GB of gddr5 with 64bit bus width is like trying to flush down the toilet after a taco night through a lighter sized hole.
cant call this thing other than a desperate attempt to get rid of binned chips.
Haha “What's your game?” is very fitting indeed.

On further thought, this is probably something some retailers would bung into an office PC to make it look more attractive to the uninformed (I remember a friend of mine buying a PC way back when, it was advertised as a gaming machine and had a good CPU/RAM set up but came with a 7300LE or something similar)
Odd cards these. If they wanted good price/performance, then it should be 28nm as that still seem to be the budget sweet spot and it should have DDR4 rather than GDDR5 ram.

As it is, I think this is for pre-built systems to get them a tick box filled saying “Nvidia discrete graphics”.
Going in the right direction, wan to get UHD out of my HTPC, not sure which will happen first a low profile passive card or a new APU at a reasonable price for the upgrade, not against replacing my A8-7600 but don't feel a need to.