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Nvidia confirms GeForce GTX 1080 Ti in job posting

by Mark Tyson on 19 December 2016, 09:31


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The highly anticipated Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card has been confirmed to be on the way in a recent company job listing. The role of Senior Marketing Manager – GeForce, Gamer Loyalty & Advocacy, was listed by Nvidia on LinkedIn (via PCWorld) and it contains references to promotion strategy for GTX 1080 Ti pre-orders. Furthermore, the lengthy job description outlines a premium 'Club GeForce Elite' subscription which will be offered at $10pcm.

The section of the advertisement mentioning the GeForce GTX 1080Ti doesn't give a lot away, except that Nvidia is planning for its launch. As such we learn that the green team is considering something called the 'Step Up' offer. Under this promotion Nvidia GTX 980 Ti owners will "get first spot in line for 1080 Ti pre-orders". Throughout the job posting Nvidia repeats ideas about rewarding customer loyalty.

Interestingly there are also changes on the way for users of the GeForce Experience (GFE) companion software. If the plans as they stand are executed, all regular GFE users could get the following every year:

  • Free full copy of exclusive Indie game (1x/year)
  • Free custom skin or in-game item for AAA game (1x/qtr)
  • Early beta access for Talos and NVIDIA 1st party content
  • Exclusive hardware discounts for gaming gear

Competitions will continue and offer; weekly prize giveaways, golden ticket prizes for gaming events, early beta access for AAA games. To foster community spirit the most active GeForce Forum users will be sent free game codes, as will bug finders and commenters inspiring strong forum sentiment.

Nvidia is even thinking about a premium GFE subscription for the so-called 'Club GeForce Elite'. This will be priced around $10 a month and for that you will get:

  • Rotating bundle of free games from our GFE app store (4x games per quarter)
  • Free GeForce PC in the cloud subscription
  • Exclusive skins, in-game items, and GeForce Gear

Unfortunately the above mentioned initiatives, and the launch of the GTX 1080 Ti, don't have any schedules or dates attached to them.

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I am really starting to hate Nvidia. They are becoming right gouging barstewards
I like the idea of getting a rotating list of free games, but without the time to spend on them, $10 (Probably £9.99) a month seems a bit steep for me.

The “Sending game codes to active users” idea is likely to see a lot of spam from people trying to get free stuff - like the Free scan shipping here.

Not sure the Step Up is attractive to me either, I do want a 1080Ti, but I'm not going to buy one until I've seen reviews and partner boards. I imagine there'll be plenty of 980Ti owners jumping on it though, specially if supply is going to be throttled, as this suggests.
What is it with this trend of companies rewarding customer loyalty, when did customer loyalty go from something companies earned to something they paid for.

I miss the days of companies earning my loyalty by providing consistently good products that represent consistently good value. :(
1080 - Reasonable to low 4k gaming
1080 ti - 4k gaming heading towards everything enabled

The next card - AMAZING FULL 4k gaming at over 60fps

True 4k gaming @ 60 fps with all the bells and whistles is still 2 generations away for AAA titles. Think I'm going to get 2nd tier VEGA, which should give me 980 ti (ish) performance around £300 hopefully with decent power usage. That's the plan. Enjoy high end 1440p gaming, then do a complete system overhaul probably blowing £1500+ on a completely new system in 2018 when the GTX12** series / 2nd gen VR / 4k monitors with free-sync and HDR are all available.