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AMD to launch Trinity desktop APUs on the 1st October?

by Mark Tyson on 14 August 2012, 13:15


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AMD Trinity Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) for desktop socket FM2 are expected to be made available to retail on 1st October according to a rumour/report published on Japanese website Hermitage Akihabara. The website has pictures of the APUs and a feature and information chart of the APU key specifications. All these 32nm A-series APUs feature the “Piledriver” CPU architecture and integrated Radeon HD7000 series graphics.

  • A6-5400K
    (2 cores / 3.6GHz/turbo 3.8GHz/1MB L2/TDP 65W/HD 7540D graphics/OPN AD540KOKA23HJ)
  • A8-5500
    (4 cores / 3.2GHz/ turbo 3.7GHz/4MB L2/TDP 65W/HD 7560D graphics /OPN AD5500OKA44HJ)
  • A8-5600K
    (4 cores / 3.6GHz/ turbo 3.9GHz/4MB L2/TDP 100W/HD 7560D graphics /OPN AD560KWOA44HJ)
  • A10-5700
    (4 cores / 3.4GHz/ turbo 4.0GHz/4MB L2/TDP 65W/HD 7660D graphics /OPN AD5700OKA44HJ)
  • A10-5800K
    (4 cores / 3.8GHz/ turbo 4.2GHz/4MB L2/TDP 100W/HD 7660D graphics /OPN AD580KWOA44HJ)

Enthusiasts have been waiting for quite a long time to get their hands on desktop Trinity APUs. The mobile Trinity chips were launched in May, meanwhile desktop Trinity APUs announced in June have only trickled onto the market built into machines made by OEMs like HP and ASUS. Architectural improvements within the new Trinity APU are supposed to produce a 25 to 50 per cent performance boost over their Llano predecessors.

Japanese tech website Hermitage Akihabara managed to photograph five of the A-series 5000-family APUs revealing the OPN codes, showing the processors to be “production ready”. The APUs are shown to be in the FM2 socket format. The chart above shows the base frequency and the Turbo Core frequency alongside other useful info such as L2 cache, number of cores, TDP and Radeon graphics chip. An article about the launch rumour published on CPU-World says the APUs in the above chart with the “K” suffix are supplied multiplier unlocked.

Only this single source features the rumoured release date of 1st October whereas other CPU focused websites estimated a late October launch for the new range of AMD Trinity desktop APUs.

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Hardly ground breaking news, as I saw this on amd's website last week.

click product specs …
you get all the information you have listed above straight from the horses mouth
I'm actually looking forward to these being released - I want to see the performance vs llano (+ power consumption). Hopefully they will make quite a potent choice for a media center pc.
Unfortunately a media PC or basic box is all they would be good for I fear, AMD are always behind the curve on CPU performance at the moment - and 32nm still :(
I think it's safe to say they're not really competing in the enthusiast segment at the moment but, like davesom555, I'm still interested to see how these fit in to the grand scheme of things. As a gamer on a budget I'm still considering AMD for a new build.
The A8-5500 & A10-5700 look like they will make nice oem boxes with 65w tdp.
Will be interesting to see what the system power draws will be like under loads and how the GPU stacks up, as well as the prices of cpu of course