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Information points to AMD Llano and Zambezi performance

by Navin Maini on 4 May 2011, 16:31


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With reports suggesting that AMD is readying an array of launches for June, you may be wondering how the FX-series (Zambezi) CPUs, and A-series (Llano) APUs, are shaping up against Intel's line-up.



The above chart - said to be fresh from an AMD presentation - apparently sheds some light as to, just how well, AMD expects its upcoming parts to perform against the competition.

Across the board there aren't many specifics disclosed, but for Llano, the A8, A6 and A4 parts don't appear to keep up to speed with a Core i3-2100 (PCMark Vantage). When graphics performance comes to the forefront (3DMark Vantage - Performance) though, it's clear that AMD expects the A8 and A6 to shine. In fact, the A8 gets reasonably close to the Core i7-2600K here.

Moving over to Zambezi, an FX-series 8-core part - teamed up with a discrete HD 6670 solution - seems to spar well with a Core i7-2600K, and eclipses it when 3DMark Vantage (Performance) comes into play. There also seems to be a comfortable margin when compared to a Phenom II X6 1100T, running similarly, with a discrete HD 6670 SKU.



Above, there's reportedly an overview of AMD's roll call for 2011 to top things off. It sure looks like the company is going for the ‘Balanced Computing' line, and aiming for the good old price-to-performance vote.

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A Core I7 2600K beats a Core i7 990X in PCMark Vantage:,review-32126-4.html

This indicates the benchmark does not make very good use of more cores. Hence,the top end Bulldozer CPU is doing a good job if it is matching a Core i7 2600K.


Even when you consider the 100MHZ increase in clockspeed and an extra 4 threads the Core i7 2600K is under 10% faster than a Core i5 2500K in PCMark Vantage:
Yeah sounds promising - although the 2600k is still supposed to be “mid-range”, the high end becoming LGA2011. Also it doesn't list other specs for the benchmark - if the same GPU was used or HDD etc.