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AMD releases Fusion For Gaming Utility

by Tarinder Sandhu on 21 January 2009, 16:59


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Remember AMD's Fusion For Gaming Utility? If you don't, head on over to our initial look that was published over four months ago.

In a nutshell, AMD's FFGU has been designed to help smooth your PC games-playing experience by shutting off unnecessary tasks running in the background.

Now out of beta and raring to go, version 1.0 has been released to the public, and, of course, it will only work on computers with AMD processors. Windows XP and Vista 32- and 64-bit are supported. Bear in mind that it has the ability to switch off anti-virus or security software, so use it with caution.

Unlike the beta, it doesn't require you to use an ATI graphics card, although the obvious synergies present in using an all-AMD setup means you will have finer control over all settings should the triumvirate of AMD CPU, ATI/AMD motherboard, and ATI graphics be present.

A quick look on AMD's site shows that there are still plenty of bugs that need to be ironed out:
  • This utility is being released as a version 1.0 and, as such, may have additional bugs or errors that are not outlined in this Errata guide which result in system instability, data corruption or incorrect operation of the software or computer system in which it is implemented.
  • We are looking into these issues, and new releases will be available on this site
  • AMD Fusion for Gaming will run on any PC with an AMD processor, but offers additional tuning for such systems with AMD chipsets and graphics


  • The system may hang when running profiles utilizing AMD OverDrive cpu tuning on Windows Vista 64-bit and XP 64-bit operating systems, requiring a reboot
  • The system may hang when engaging a profile from the simple mode (button) interface, if the mouse click is held and the mouse is moved off of the application, on Windows XP systems, requiring a reboot
  • The system may hang when a profile is disengaging if the user is moving and/or clicking the mouse, requiring a reboot
  • It may not be possible to create custom profile with ATI Catalyst Auto-Tune GPU tuning enabled on Windows XP 64-bit systems
  • In Windows XP 64-bit and Vista 64-bit operating systems, there may be a long delay waiting for a profile to engage
  • When AMD Fusion for Gaming is disengaged, the system may not be fully restored to its previous state, requiring a reboot
  • Valve’s Steam online gaming platform will be shut down when engaging a profile
  • Some applications that are shut down will not automatically start back up when AMD Fusion for Gaming disengages
  • Some applications may not shut down as intended when AMD Fusion for Gaming engages
  • AMD OverDrive upgrades may not install properly with AMD Fusion for Gaming installed on the system
  • Some special characters in custom profile names do not save correctly
  • A message that states that ATI Auto-Tune has not yet been performed may not display when running profiles utilizing GPU tuning
  • When editing or creating a profile, the Enter key will cancel the operation without a warning message
  • Profiles with leading or trailing white space characters may cause multiple profiles to appear to have the same name
  • On the status screen, the font appears to change from top to bottom
  • Profile names can not be changed
  • The application window will not remain on a secondary display when switching between the simple and advanced views
  • A new profile will overwrite an existing profile with the same name, without a warning message
 AMD has a detailed FAQ that addresses most minor issues, though.

Give it a go, and it's not too large a download at around 25MB.

Download me.

We'll be running some quick tests on a stock Vista Business x64 install and will let you know if it makes our games smoother, but feel free to pass on your thoughts in the forums.

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That really has a long bug list, you sure it is out of beta? haha =P
That really has a long bug list, you sure it is out of beta? haha =P

“They're not bugs, they're features”
Unlike the beta, it doesn't require you to use an ATI graphics card

The beta didn't either - I was using it on my Nvidia 8800GT just fine :)