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Intel Tiger Lake presentation is scheduled for 13th August

by Mark Tyson on 6 August 2020, 11:11

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Last month Intel sent out some nondescript media invites for an event on 2nd September. Now, thanks to the Intel Investor Relations site's event calendar we can see some event details confirmed, as well as see that the is an earlier architecture day event, to be hosted by Raja Koduri, the Senior Vice President, Chief Architect, General Manager, Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software.

In chronological order, there will be "Updates from our Chief Architect, Raja Koduri," provided on Thursday 13th August, a week today. The event will begin at 9am ET (2pm in the UK), but we don't have an indication of the length of the event. It will be a webcast and Intel will upload a link to tune in some time ahead of the day (but there isn't a link there yet).

Given that Koduri is the mastermind behind the Intel Graphics operation, one might expect the webcast to concern Xe GPU progress. Remember the Xe graphics architecture scales from iGPUs aimed at thin and light laptops, all the way to a 4 Tile monster GPU targeting data centre applications.

On 2nd September Intel will host a "Tiger Lake Virtual Launch Event". That is a pretty clear description of the webcast which will go live at 12 noon ET (5pm UK time). This should go beyond the technical specs of the CPU and GPU components of the processors and give us some SKUs, tabulated chip specs, and hopefully some partner launches of products using the TGL-U processors. 10nm Tiger Lake processors in new Acer and Lenovo laptops have already been spotted, and by all accounts it looks like Intel's partners are champing at the bit to release them.

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