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AMD publishes nine Ryzen CPU feature and demo videos

by Mark Tyson on 21 December 2016, 12:05


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AMD's New Horizon event wrapped up a little over a week ago. At the time the HEXUS Editor in Chief penned a deep dive article containing everything we knew about the 'Red Moon Ryzing' and you can pick through that here to learn about the tech behind the upcoming new AMD CPUs.

Shortly after the event AMD thoughtfully uploaded the full hour-long New Horizon presentation for enthusiasts to watch over, popcorn in hand. However, it has since been to the video editing suite and broken down key segments of the presentation for your convenience. So users can now quickly digest the potential AMD's new CPUs have to offer.

A few hours ago AMD uploaded a pair of Ryzen technology introduction adverts, one at just 50 seconds long, and another more meaningful one as embedded above, trying to encapsulate the whole event in two and a quarter minutes.

AMD's benchmarking demonstrations have been farmed out into their own videos. You can see the Ryzen Handbrake video encoding demo and the Ryzen Blender demo. Other use cases such as the ability of Ryzen systems to tackle VR and mixed reality, pro workstation use, 4K gaming, and eSports gaming use are featured too. An AMD Ryzen  YouTube playlist is available here.

Finally, AMD has officially published the presentation segment showing its newest CPU and graphics architecture in action together (cheers from the crowd). Yes, a Ryzen CPU was paired with a Vega GPU in a beefy AM4 platform PC to "deliver outstanding performance (4K, 60fps+) in StarWars Battlefront Rogue One." Lisa Su commented that the demonstration system was "the dream gaming PC of 2017, in action". You can watch that two and a quarter minute gaming demo below.

Now the wait for Ryzen availability and pricing information continues…

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That cautionary statement at the end of the first video made me chuckle, i guess it's to be expected given the litigious nature of the world we live in, maybe they should have added “may contain nuts” at the end. ;)
“outstanding performance (4K, 60fps+)”

We really, really, REALLY need something like this in order to bring nVidia down a peg or two. Their prices are insane for, when we're being honest here, constrained and defined performance increases made in order to max the $$$$.
What is constrained in NV hardware? They blow AMD away. Their prices are obviously what they market will handle (you could argue lower than they could charge) since they are selling everything they make on the high end. Prices are “insane” when product won't move because of it. Hence the use of INSANE. You're not insane if you can't keep crap on the shelf at current prices. Some might say you're a bit generous since clearly, you could charge more and most would pay it seems. The fact that you don't like the price (while the roll off shelves like crazy) merely says something about your wallet, not the perf of the product. I'd agree though that they separated product lines to max profit, but no harm really in doing that. I wish they didn't do this (market segmentation I mean) but still haven't seen if that is really all that bad since nobody seems to test stuff like pro apps with 1080 vs titanx etc to see if there is a real difference in most apps. Where are the Blender, Premiere, AE, etc cuda vs. opencl tests Hexus? Is AMD or NV better in most of this stuff, and does TitanX leave them in the dust? How is TitanX vs. Pro cards? How hard is it to run an AE/Premiere test and check a box for OpenCL for AMD's cards or Cuda for NV cards?

And if Vega was the dream machine quality card they would have NOT used NV for the game ZEN tests right? I think ZEN is the real deal but have my doubts about Vega given what AMD did showing off the cpu. Why the heck would you use NV if Vega was better? At least the stock price is rising still…LOL. Hope the Q report shortly doesn't blow that. I'm guessing another few hundred mil loss.
Its showing that for the people who upgrade using the AMD CPU, motherboard & memory, What you can get out of ZEN, With an Zen CPU and AM4 motherboard with your own GPU its beats Intel, its a nice choice for alot of people who just want to upgrade the core part of their machine. Leaving us to imagine and get excited at the potential of VEGA. I think AMD will really Demo VEGA in Jan.
Anyway really that Video?? That was a total useless Demo or what? did'nt show anything exciting, nothing, zero…. Here's a Video .. yeahhhhhhhaaaa!! *clap* … Ohh wait its the wrong one Yeahhhhhaaa!!
Personally I'm really looking forward to seeing real world reviews of Ryzen and Vega, I've been looking forward to upgrading my current setup and the new product lines from AMD have promise.