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DAN Cases A4-SFX claims world's smallest gaming tower chassis

by Mark Tyson on 30 May 2016, 13:01

Tags: Lian Li

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A new Kickstarter project for a PC chassis that claims to be "The World's Smallest Gaming Tower Case" achieved double its funding goal of €125,000 in its first day. We have seen many an SFF gaming chassis, barebone, and system but the DAN Cases A4-SFX aims to provide the compact system you desire without sacrificing the PC USP of switchable high-end standardised components. The designer of the A4-SFX says that this diminutive chassis can fit Intel's powerful Core i7 processors and full length graphics cards such as Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti models, while providing a handsome design with a small-footprint.

The size of it

Before we go on, one person's idea of small isn't always the same as another's. The A4-SFX measures 205 x 112 x 327mm (including protrusions such as rubber feet), it offers a capacity of 7.25l, and weighs 1.25Kg. Inside you can fit a Mini-ITX motherboard, with CPU cooler up to 48mm tall, and dual-slot graphics card up to 295mm long and 45mm thick. Memory chips can be a maximum of 52mm tall. The design allows for only SFX (or SFX-L) power supplies to be fitted. Elsewhere in the chassis you have capacity for up to 3 x 2.5-inch drives.

On the minimal front panel there is a premium grade power button and a single USB 3.0 port. The chassis is made of 1.5mm brushed aluminium and available in an anodized black or silver exterior, with matte black painted interior.

DAN Cases says that a key part of the chassis design is the use of "the highest quality PCIe extender on the market, made by 3M, which allows for PCIe Gen3 and Gen4 support". Even though space in the chassis is at a premium DAN says that "every component is able to cool itself by getting fresh air directly from the outside". It goes further to talk about the natural convection facilitated by the chassis design and to claim "amazing cooling efficiency".

Lian Li forged

As a Kickstarter project end-users 'secure' product hot off the production lines via pledges. DAN Cases is offering those who pledge €230 or more a black or silver A4-SFX when they start to ship, between October and December this year. (Add €20 to ship to UK). DAN Cases intends to get the manufacturing done by Lian Li. The project has been open about 2 days and the funding goal of €125,000 has been exceeded to the tune of €261K already, with 29 days left to run.

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i have been following the development very closely, the success so far also means it will be released again for V2 just like the NCase M1.
Fingers crossed it all goes well.
230€ is quite the price. Especially with zero sound dampening and no space for a silent CPU cooler.
I so want that case - sadly I cannot justify 230 Euro on it!! :(
Yeah, I've been following it a while. It's a good internal layout but the front panel design is rather awkward. I'd have preferred a power button closer to the top edge and multiple USB ports.

Hopefully the quick kickstarter funding will convince other case manufacturers that small cases that are ‘only’ suitable for mainstream components have an audience and they don't have to engineer every Mini-ITX box to accept a 1000W Power supply, a 295X2 and a heavily overclocked water-cooled 6700k.
Hopefully the quick kickstarter funding will convince other case manufacturers that small cases that are ‘only’ suitable for mainstream components have an audience
I wish Kimera's Cerberus small mATX case was as popular as the A4-SFX has been on Kickstarter.

We need more small cases! :)