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Lian Li launches PC-Q34 flip-open fanless SFF chassis

by Mark Tyson on 4 May 2016, 12:31

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Lian Li has launched a new fanless SFF chassis as part of its PC-Q series. The new Lian Li PC-Q34 features a flip-open canopy, affording easy access to components and making upgrades and component swaps a cinch. Furthermore, appealing to your inner interior designer, the Taiwanese aluminium chassis specialists are supplying the PC-Q34 in a choice of four colour finishes; silver, black, red, or gold.

This new (W)228mm x (H)330mm x (D)250mm, 1.85Kg chassis is said to offer "test-bench style access" for your PC build. Once the easy snap on/off side panels are removed (facilitated by the release of two rear panel thumbscrews), users can flip open the chassis thanks to a hinge at the bottom of the front panel, see below.

Inside the PC-Q34 you horizontally fit a Mini-ITX or Mini-DTX motherboard, and have room for an ATX PSU of up to 180mm long and a total of four possible drives (combination of 2.5-and 3.5-inch devices). Maximum compatibility for CPU coolers is 180mm tall and you can slot in VGA cards that are up to 220mm long and 2 slots deep.

While this is a marketed as a fanless chassis, with side panel venting, Lian Li provides mounting facilities for a 120mm exhaust fan on the back panel. There's no room for an ODD but the front panel does sport 2x USB 3.0 and HD Audio ports beneath the right-side mounted power button for your convenience.

Lian Li says that the MSRP of the PC-Q34A/B (Silver/Black models) is £74.49, with the PC-Q34RD/GD (Red/Gold) a little more expensive at £78.99. Stock will be arriving very shortly.

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For a few quid more, could they not have added quick-release mechanisms to the flip and the side panels?
I mean, surely if you're opening this thing up all the time and doing loads of test-bench things, would you not want it more convenient than fiddly thumbscrews?
And if it's a fanless chassis for the largest fanless CPU coolers then why doesn't it have a top vent?
i would like to see one that had been built into
@Ttaskmaster If this is anything like the PC-Q33 (which ive got) the side panels are quick release with Lian Li's blobby pins retention system
the pins go in the black bits on the edge and are held in by the plastic.

Downsides of the case are that the secondary 2.5 hdd racks (on the inside of the front of the case) are useless if youve got a large power supply with long cables/ non Modular one as they fill the remaining space.
It looks like there's both thumbscrews and a QR mech - there's little black plastic bits visible on the side of the case that look like samuraiweasel's case, and there's clearly thumbscrews visible on the rear of the assembled case. I believe only the top two (maybe three) need to be unscrewed to open it